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05/28/10 | 15:10PM
Touts their technology, no customer service to back it up

When I signed up with Verizon Fios in Oct. 2009, I knew that I would be moving before my one year contract was up. I also knew that Verizon Fios was not available in my future residence. Before signing up, I asked 2 cs reps if the early termination fee would apply if I moved where Fios was not available, and both assured me that it would not. While signing up online, I was in an online chat with one of their cs reps, who also assured me the fee would not apply. When I asked where it stated that in the contract, she said I could refer to this conversation. When I said I wanted it in writing, she advised me to print up the chat, so I did...fortunately. BECAUSE OF COURSE WHEN I CANCELED IN APRIL BECAUSE OF MOVING THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME THE $175 EARLY TERMINATION FEE!!! After faxing my printout to a cs supervisor and waiting for her to call me back--she said she'd be sure to call in 24 hrs...I ended up calling back after a week--I got the charge reversed, but now I'm stuck trying to dispute my final bill. Amazingly, every discount that I had dropped off my account and my final bill was $257, $120 more than my normal monthly bill. And, as I had asked my service to disconnect on April 2, I feel they should pro-rate the charges, and by my calculations (I worked in finance for 8 years and now teach math) I owe about $9. That is where my struggle lies at the moment.

I am sick of companies who have zero customer service. I signed up with Verizon because I was tired of Time Warner's horrendous, inept customer service (a whole other ordeal). I was willing to pay $50/month more for better technology/service and better customer service. I can honestly say I did not notice any difference in the clarity of tv or speed of internet, and their customer "service" is just as bad. For cellular, Sprint had decent, responsive customer service. I am currently with AT&T because I get better signal here in WA, but have yet to have to deal with CS. For TV, go DirecTV...they actually do have good cs.

Screw Verizon, screw TimeWarner. Tell as many people as you can about your ordeals.

CAtoWA - Verizon H8er ID: E55499

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04/17/19 | 20:19PM
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francesof11 - Verizon H8er ID: BF9C98

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