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05/28/10 | 22:49PM

The rep said he could do dsl at my location. I let him sell me on the garbage package because I was so happy with the news. A week later and still no DSL and they said the order was cancelled. "By whom?" "By our tech, DSL is not available in your area".
So I cancelled the whole kit and kaboodle obviously.
Then I get an 80 dollar bill for turning on the phone. I talk to a rep who assures me that if I'm patient, that amount will come off on the next months bill.
Then the next months bill is 60 bucks. I call again. The rep tells me it has been removed now and I owe nothing.
How much does anyone want to bet it's not going to be zeroed out?
I feel like I've seen this trick before. Keep stringing them along till the rep says "I can't view acounts closed past this date." and then it goes to collections and I have no choice. I can't stand it...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 04BE93

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04/29/19 | 2:38AM

Offerce - Verizon H8er ID: 346C81

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