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05/29/10 | 2:14AM
Verizon really screwed me

I switched to Verizon from AT&T.......MISTAKE!!!

Verizon promised me that service would be great in my area and that the phone would work good, etc. I ported my number in, no problem, and was told if I had 30 days to return a phone.

Well, got home and 5 days after the getting phone service, they phone SUCKED...everything was blocked, including bluetooth, and the service was crap. I had one bar. Oh, and text messages wouldn't come through, not even from Verizon itself. So, I decided to close my account and switch back to AT&T. Got to the store, and the guy admitted "Uh, yeah, we really don't have good service their, she should have known that...." So, returned phone cancelled, right?

I still got bills. Called and the account was never cancelled. Apparently, Alltel could cancel themselves, but Verizon needs managerial approval. No problem. Just sending an email....

The supervisor never cancelled the account. So, I kept being billed and kept calling and was told it was being taken care of. Wrong. My account was FINALLY cancelled 3 months after turning in the phones and my bill was almost $400. So, I called again and again and again explaining that I had indeed turned in my phone 9 days after getting it, well within the 30 day period. AND the reps acknowledged the error and said they would fix it. Um, nope, never did. Now, I've been turned over to a collections agency.

I filed BBB and FCC complaints on these jackasses and they "reduced" my bill down to $175 by "waiving" my termination fee, but after I explained to them it wasn't being "waived" it should have never been there, they didn't like that too much. (Mind you, after a 3 hour ordeal of getting to talk to someone because neither company collections or verizon wants to talk to me; Verizon says they "Sold" me to that agency") I asked for a bill to be sent to me. They refuse to do that, they said "look at your past bills and figure it out"


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9EEB3F

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05/02/19 | 23:14PM
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GeorgeWHemy - Verizon H8er ID: 4256FB

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