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05/30/10 | 0:27AM
dsl customer service

I have been with Verizon Business DSL for over five years and successfully cancelled my account last week after a horrible ordeal with my service. I could not access my email or get on the internet for two days and decided to call their technical support. After being on hold for some time and being disconnected a few others – purposely I might add as I heard giggling and answered to “pizza Hut” and “Ed’s house of the dead – you stab em we’ll bag em’ b.s – I finally talked to a real winner.
This “:technician” was the definition of a snobby bitch. She was rude and impatient the whole time making me plug things in and then unplug them etc. After about an hour and a half of this I found the courage to ask if maybe we should just send someone out to look at the lines as the modems sync light never stopped blinking in two days. Well too this Jennifer (she refused to give her last name but she gave me z14364 as her work Id) went ballistic and said “Fine but I have to get approval” – the phone went dead for about five minutes – then she came back on and said “you have to wait cause they’re really busy.” This time I could hear a full blown conversation on the other line about how stupid Americans were and they should not be allowed to own computers.
Abruptly she came back on the line and said looks like your part of an outage – just power cycle your modem in a couple of hours. I asked her what power cycling meant and she let out a big sigh and said something like what do you think we’ve been doing for over an hour. At this point I had it and asked to talk to someone above her – she said fine but you’ll just be waiting longer and they don’t know anything about technical support. I figured they can be much worse than this mouthy bitch so I waited.
The wait was quite some time but I finally got to talk to someone who said they were a supervisor. I explained my concerns about his employee and I swear he laughed as well. He told me he can’t help me and I have to wait until service to my area is restored. I explained that I understand that but was only a little upset about being treated like shit by his 12 year old technician. He then went on to explain to me Canadian labour law and how were all stuck with these agents cause they’re not allowed to fire them … like I cared about any of this I said I just want to cancel then. My god that was really easy. I had no wait at all to talk to someone who was very happy to cancel my account.
I guess they have so much business I don’t matter that much to them but I will be damned if I ever let anyone treat me like that and then take a dollar of my money again. Fuck you Verizon, I hope you die soon.

Derek Weiner - Verizon H8er ID: BC44D1

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03/15/19 | 5:45AM

Bruituex - Verizon H8er ID: A14469

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