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06/07/10 | 18:51PM
whats to enV?

My phone (enV touch) decided to go on the fritz yesterday and the already-finicky touch screen now has gone black as has the interior screen. I take it to my local indirect location Verizon Wireless store where it is taken apart and am told, "sorry, you need to drive 35 min to a corporate location where they can install 2009 software, your phone has 2004 software on it. (Why this would fix the screen, I have no idea.) Mind you, I got this phone in December of 2009, WHY would it have 2004 software??
So I drive to said location, and it turns out they "don't do" software upgrades. And not only that, she tells me the phone is good as broken, and that I have to send it in to get a "refurbished, certified-like-new phone". This is nonsense: I got one of those phones before and a lot of the buttons didn't even work! Also, the warranty only goes from the date of purchase, and does not go from date of receiving the warranty phone.
Not only that, it takes at LEAST 2 days to get there. As far as I'm concerned why should I have to leave without a phone when I have an almost brand new phone that has NO mechanical damage OR water damage?? I've had Verizon for four years and have gone through 5 phones. I don't understand why it is so hard to have A. good customer service, and B. good quality phones.
Not only this, when I asked the relatively useless manager for help, she told me the best she could do was let me cancel my contract early, for a small price of $150. The warranty would only provide an equal and exact model, so I was stuck with the enV touch. When I balked at this, she could not help me. Why should I be stuck with my 3rd enV touch in 8 months when I still have 18 months left on my contract. Needless to say, I am LIVID, and cannot wait for my contract to expire. I will NEVER renew with a company that has such poor customer service!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D1C1E9

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