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06/08/10 | 0:16AM
Replacement Phones

I have insurance and warranty. i have the LG Voyager, and it has had nothing but problems.

first: i had the silver one, it cracked at the joint of the touch and the full keyboard. i took it in and they sent me a "certified like new" one. well 2 days after i got this phone working, the touch screen didnt work. i would click on messages, and it would take me to tv or something.

second: i took that replacement phone in and complained about the touch screen not working. they guy tried it and said "well that sucks" and took me over to the computer and sent a enw one to me

third: that last one sent to me was the one i have now. the day after i got it, the touch screen did the exact same thing.but i said whatever and didnt take it in. well 2 months later, my buttons on the front screen pop off. i was pissed. and i had no time to go in and have them send me a new one with school finishing up. i didnt have time to wait for an hour in that stupid store just to get service. well yesterday, i opened my phone and i noticed it didnt click. i looked at the joint, and sure enough, it was cracked..

i went to the verizon store and they told me it wasn't under warranty because it was "physical damage"

it was the EXACT same damage as the first phone i had. only the buttons were popped off.

now i have to call the insurance and pay a $50 deductable just to get an other "certified like new" phone because they dont make the voyager anymore. and i dont even know if its gonna work ! cause ive had two that havent !

im so pissed off im ready to switch carriers

kristen - Verizon H8er ID: C18FFA

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06/08/10 | 11:17AM
I had similar trouble, I suggest you complain to the FCC (google it) and then email Verizon with a threatening email, saying that you've complained to the FCC and will cancel your contract as soon as possible. I did this and I got an almost immediate response offering me a different model phone. Try it. They're still terrible, but it seemed to be effective.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 71C781

05/04/19 | 20:24PM


strekozapiosi - Verizon H8er ID: F3AB57

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