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10/08/16 | 2:47AM
Automated system failure

Bare with me,
I called *611 (to pay my bill through the automated system) and the system asked me to enter the dollar amount. My payment arrangement agreement was for $113.00 ($112.41 to be exact). The automated system asked me to enter the dollar amount "including change", I entered "1 1 3 0 0". The automated system repeated it back to me as $1,130" asking me to "press 1 for yes and 2 for no", I pressed 2, there was a small pause and the system hung up on me.
I immediately called back to make sure that didn't happen and when I called, the system thanked me for my payment of "$1130". Obviously that was WRONG! I called them immediately. Where I spoke to a young lady that assured me this happened all of the time and it would be no problem for them to refund me. She assured me that the refund would come in 7-10 business days. I gathered all of the information she gave me, wrote everything down, thanked her and dismissed the call. That happened Saturday night.
I called back Monday to follow up and make sure everything was running smoothly, I spoke with 3 different people and everyone assured me the refund would be processed without a doubt.
I respectfully let time pass, granting them their "7-10 business days". On day 5, I receive a text message demanding I pay my bill immediately.(?) I'm just like- what?
After calling several times and speaking with several different representatives, they inform me the refund was granted for $600 as opposed to the entire $1130. 0_o You can imagine my confusion.
They proceed to tell me that because I had a "balance due" "unfortunately" they couldn't refund me the entire amount but could refund me the money left after the balance due was paid. 0_o 0_o Now I'm angry because this action totally contradicts everything that was told to me.
So now I'm begging them to make me understand how you can charge a persons credit card without authorization? No one has answers. I speak with 8, EIGHT different customer service agents, managers, and financial service representatives and NO ONE had this information for me prior to the money being snatched from my account. It took the Jesus in me not to curse them, threaten their lives, and roll up to the local Verizon Wireless store like what's up. The situation could have been handled mortally, instead, the company took it upon themselves to handle my money. Completely disrespectful.
Imagine you went to a store and bought one thing but was charged for two. Not happening, I was not set up like that.
Verizon Wireless is untrustworthy, disrespectful, uninformed, ignorant, and continuously exerts acts of petty theft. I ended my contract that night. Save yourself the HEADACHE, the stress, and the urge to violate both with words and physically all the lame ass humans that work there, the lame ass "terms and conditions" no one can convey, and the LAME ass "customer service" provided from staff on all levels.

Jasmin Jones - Verizon H8er ID: 3F50EA

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12/27/18 | 11:26AM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: 56FC04

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