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10/15/16 | 1:10AM
Haha you're so right!

As an anonymous Verizon customer service rep at a call center, I LOVE what you're doing here! Great website and you're SO right! Verizon has got to be one of the nastiest, most conniving companies out there! Their systems are f@cked up, everything from the IT systems to their policies! I've got some of the most absurd stories...just to name one, I had a call last week where Verizon told a customer on his online account that he was due for an upgrade, so of course he did it...took me 30 minutes to find out why and how he had two device payment installments on the same line! When I called activations support for a solution, it turns out this was a system error and Verizon's solution was do a forced buyout on the old phone and make the guy pay up in full rather than admitting they made a mistake and at least work with the guy to pay off the old phone...it took me 3 hours to get any supervisor in the building to override this! At the end of the call, our "solution" was to do the forced buyout and notate the account so that when he gets the massive bill, he has to call back and get another customer service rep to read my notes under the premise that THEY would be forced to credit that amount on the guy's account because of course no supervisor in my building would do it themselves...lol...it's a freaking JOKE! I think it's great what you're doing! Although it puts my job at risk to do so, I think it's great to create more awareness about one of the biggest scam companies in America! They are brilliant but sick in the sense that they feed off of the plague of consumerism in this country. It's a terrible terrible disease of the human condition, and Verizon has found a way to capitalize on it big time! Working for them makes me sick, but unfortunately my options even with a college degree and a pretty good resume are VERY limited!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8C1D7A

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02/28/19 | 2:32AM

woulky - Verizon H8er ID: 9D1D32

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