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06/09/10 | 20:03PM
Worst customer service EVER

Verizon is my only landline choice unless I do the "over cable" phone, which I don't want to it. I have bundled package with them, satellite (directv), unlimited calling plan, and my dsl. Move in and started service in November. Nothing but issues with the DSL. After more than 30 tech calls and 5+ techs coming to my house, I decided to cancel my dsl. Before I cancelled, I spoke with several reps who said I was not going to be held accountable for the term fee of $120 to get rid of my dsl contract since I cannot properly get service. I finally set up cable and called to cancel the dsl. After explaining my situation to about 4 people again, a supervisor finally says he'll take off the term fee. I called back to chang emy bundle because I have no use for the unlmited long distance package,a nd I'm not pay 54.99 a month for it. I only did it to get the discount. They say that if I change that, I have the term fee!!! So I either have to pay the term fee of $120 or keep paying $100 a month (which is what I was paying WITH dsl). All these people talk to me like I'm an idiot and they all give me a different story each time I call! They say "customer service is #1 priority". Well, that's a lie! If it was, I wouldnt ahve to call 30 times. (this is not an exageration either). The last guy I got on the phone who I had to argue with, i told him "why do you guys give me a confirmation/employee id # if it has no use?" Don't they give us these so we can defend ourselves if there is an issue??? I finally told the rep to fuck off among other things and his repsonse "dont talk like that" well, it's a free damn country and I have the right of my freedom of speech, and a right to get ANGRY. If they really cared about us, they'd get it taken care of the first or even second time! So now I have to wait to get my bill and see what happens, and then spend more hours of my time wasted with this compnay.

They Raped Me Too. - Verizon H8er ID: B680A0

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06/10/10 | 20:21PM
Sounds more like worse CUSTOMER to me. It's not verizons fault you're too dumb to work your internet. And by the way if you sign up for a deal then you change/cancel that you break the contract.... idiot.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F552E9

08/09/10 | 0:18AM
Last response is obviously a crybaby Vz employee.
Wait till thy lay you off.

Another Vz hater - Verizon H8er ID: F17ADB

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