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06/12/10 | 0:45AM
They Lied to Me - TWICE!!!

A copy of the letter I am mailing tomorrow: 12 June 2010

Dear Verizon Customer Service

Sadly, once again I am very disappointed with your company (see attached letter from June 2009).

My 12-month contract with Verizon was due to expire on 20 April 2010.
I called your company to inquire about continuing service. I was most concerned about the monthly price and would continue ONLY if there was no significant increase. I spoke to a “Mr. Francis”. He assured me that my cost would not increase and, in addition, caller ID, call waiting, faster internet, and voice mail would be added. Please note that I did not ask for these services and do not want them. Mr. Francis told me that there should be no increase and that discounts would be adjusted to keep my bill at the same level.

Imagine my surprise when I received my next bill and the charge is $115.78. After speaking to “Lewis” I am assured that my bill is $100.65 and that this is the amount I should pay. I spoke to Lewis on 12 April 2010.

Receiving my next month’s bill and the charges are still not what I was promised I spoke to “Julie” on the phone. She explained “partial month” charges and that things were prorated – for services I never wanted. My service was returned to its original level and I was assured, once again, that my bill would be back to what it should be (c$100.65).

My June bill was $173.66 – this reflects $39.76 carried over from the last bill. I thought I had this problem resolved last month, but today I was on the phone from 4:38 PM to 5:44 PM trying to resolve this situation. I spoke to “Herbert” and his supervisor “Alexis”. Neither could explain why I was promised no increase and the supervisor could not explain why charges were carried over.

I explained to Alexis that I had been lied to at least twice: I would NEVER have stayed with Verizon with such a large increase in my monthly bill. I was told on two separate occasions that my bill would “go back to what it should be”. This has not happened.

My final appeal is to you,Verizon Customer Service and the Better Business Bureau. Because as it stands now, I will not only leave Verizon at the earliest possible moment, I will leave screaming and telling the world of my horrible experience with your company. I left Comcast because I thought they were bad – my experience with your organization makes Comcast look like Mother Teresa.

If you could return my monthly bill to $100.65 (and refund any money in excess of this that I may be compelled to pay – so far I have only payed $100.65 monthly) at the level of service I had last year (nice and simple with no bells and whistles) I will once again be a satisfied Verizon customer. I will point out that this is what I was promised in earlier in the year – I am only asking that Verizon keep its promise to me made through your representative.

I truly hope you can help me resolve this matter. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 727A17

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