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06/13/10 | 0:15AM
MY 5 day cell phone

Around April I had extra money and I wanted a new phone. Man those sales guys sure are nice.Slick. He had me buying a phone in thirty minutes. I had a plan that said unlimited txt and rounded a decent number that would pay for my internet. ALL GOOD. Wrong I got denied federal student aid! SO my school sent me a 987$ bill for my classes I could have died but I actually had enough money to pay this bill if I returned my brand new VERIZON CELL PHONE. YES I now know now your all Right ! You see I returned my phone clean fresh nice 5 days after I bought so he said oh this looks good you won't get bill for this! wrong I got a 60$ bill for using my phone for five effin days are U kidding!!!! The customer service lady who can't spreakin english was all the help of a Jackass on a lame day. She said I hadn't paid my activation fee and it cost a dollar a day for internet and texts were expensive where the hell is the service plan I signed up for!!Because I imagine I would get one hell of bill on the plan they made up for me! She said there's nothing she could do that I owed the money and blah blah blah I OFFICIALLY HATE VERIZON I can't pay this 60 bill now its the middle of June! I quit that plan two months ago why am i getting a bill now WTF you see have a problem with people who rip me off. And I assure you that the last customer service lady from Verizon who was STUPID and NO HELP AT ALL is still crying.
maybe i do owe them ten, twenty maybe odd dollars but FTS 60 dollars for 5 days FU Verizon wireless

LOVE CATALINA - Verizon H8er ID: 87B85C

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07/07/10 | 22:53PM
Well, since I can't see your bill right now, the most logical explanation for your charge is that whenever you get a new phone, there is always an activation charge along with taxes and fees you pay your state and federal government. In reality, if you would actually look at your bill, you are most likely getting billed rather fairly for the 5 days you used your phone. Cell phones are expensive, and contracts suck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A82885

05/16/19 | 18:29PM
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savannahpl69 - Verizon H8er ID: B1BEC1

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