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06/18/10 | 4:34AM
Verizon billing dept lied and their rep lied to me- long

I'll try to make this short and stick to the facts. I was a Time Warner Customer for about 10 years. While not thrilled with their service, it was better then others. Then 2 months ago Verizon knocked at my door. for the same price, the rep promised me the world. However, working in a lawfirm in the past, I told him BS, I want every detail in writing. And I had him write down the exact price I would pay per month, the exact dollar amount of discount he was giving me to sign up and the EXACT total it would be from 1-6 months and from 7-24 months. I had him sign his name and put his phone number too. I felt a bit secure knowing that he did all this before I signed the contract.

Billing Rep- I called up and asked them their billing policy. When their billing cycle begins. I was told the 22nd of the month it ended in my area and the 23rd started the new month. So not wanting to have a huge expense (ie canceling out of TW contract, plus that months bill, plus Verizon bills a month a head of time, plus they would pro-rate my billing for any dates before the 22nd), I thought wisely and set my installation date for the 21st of April. This way I'd only be pro-rated 1 or 2 days, which wouldn't really amount to much.

Installation- I had a 8-5 waiting period but was promised and given confirmation via email and via reps, that I would have an installer there on the 21st of April anywhere from 8-12. I waited, and waited and waited. By 1pm I called and was told, someone was on their way, by 4pm, I called and was told that no one was coming because no one was actually scheduled to come to me. I read them my confirmation number, told them, that the appointment was confirmed both via email (their web link) and via telephone a week before hand. They agreed it was, but someone else (not that person) messed up and didn't actually assign an installer to me.

The reschedule- so again, confirming that the billing date ended the 22nd, I had rescheduled them for May 20th as to only be billed for a few pro-rated days. I was told by the billing that since I was waiting more then a month after the signed contract that i would not get my $40 discount. So I said, shove the contract up your arse, I'll stick with TWC and not switch. Suddenly it was OK to schedule another month later.

The installation.-Finally someone comes on May 20th to install. I am suddenly told that the box that I was promised would go in the attic and not be this giant tumor on my wall, could not go there and had to b e on my wall. I told him to shove it up his arse as I am not damaging my walls and putting this ugly huge box anywhere where people can see it. And he can take his box and installation and go to his next appointment. Suddenly it was OK to go in the attic. I was also then told that the box inside the house and suddenly a 2nd one that I was not aware of outside of the house, ran on a battery. Of which the Home owner is responsible for to replace when it goes. Each battery is about $85 each to replace and it has to be replaced by a verizon rep at about $100 for them to come out and do it.
i called my rep and flipped out on him and he swore to me that Verizon had always paid for the battery and that I'd never have to pay for one (ps this is not true, when you do your paper work on the web site to agree to last minute stuff after the installer leaves, you have to agree to pay for the battery out of your own pocket).

The bill- I get an email one day for my first verizon bill at $100 more then it is suppose to be. I call them up and asked "WTF" and how did they get this amount. They told me the rep who came to my house lied about certain details, didn't tell me about taxes and fees and surcharges (of which I made him write down on the contract) and that he didn't know what he was talking about. The billing dept told me that my bill would be nearly $200 a month (far more then the $130 I was promised for the first 6 months) and that there was nothing much to be done about it. I told them to come and rip the stuff out of my house I was done with them. That it wasn't yet 30 days and to take their stuff back. I was then informed that its a Too bad so sad situation and that there is no 30 day trial pd. Once its installed your locked in for 2 years.

I called my rep and hammered him and made him come over and fight with the billing dept and straighten this stuff out. He actually did come over and he did fight with the billing dept, but nothing was settled. When I actually got my physical bill in, I called him again to come over.
In the mean time, I copies and faxed my contract to the billing dept and actually met a nice person who took some money off my bill and is taking it up with her supervisor. Swearing the rep lied to me, but since he wrote it in the contract, they may have to honor it. I say MAY because I just faxed the info today and I still have to wait and see what happens.

i already told both the Rep and the Billing department that if I have to get a lawyer involved because a written contract over rides policy and what I agreed to was what i signed written by THEIR REP. If they don't honor it, I will take it to an attorney. So I did get their attention, however I am not sure much will come of it. And instead of paying nearly $160 with Time warner Cable and getting less fringe benefits, I now have a $200 bill with all the bells and whistles but was promised it would be the same as TWC in the $160 range and its not.

Honestly if anyone does switch to Verizon, double, triple and quadruple check everything. Have every single detail put in writing no matter how small of a detail it is, dont let them say "oh that's standard, or is already in the contract" Have everything you sign initial by the rep and call the billing dept over and over and over again. Make sure you get different people and ask them the same questions.

Some people do not have any problems with Verizon, however I have had nothing BUT problems with them.

Pist off and Contractually Bound by Verizon - Verizon H8er ID: 2284A4

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