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06/21/10 | 23:24PM
Where do I start?

Switched from Comcast and Verizon ISDN to FIOS Triple Play for $69.99 (Turns out to be $136 a month). Tech comes out with a totally screwed up order, but does his best to correct all the issues. He just can't get my phone transferred over. The next day, 5 phone calls, two hours and 11 different associates I find out that they can't directly transfer ISDN. They have to re-grade to normal phone line and then to FIOS which could take 60 days (AHHHH!)

That night, I sign up for my new emails, etc. and everything is good except, I'm still using my ISDN phone.

2 Days later phone is stops and FIOS stop working. 3 phone calls, 3 hours on hold and 4 associates (including one that stays on hold with my for an hour and a half) to find out that they can only fix this by canceling my old order and placing a new order. I ask if I will be charged that $360 early cancellation fee and the answer is no.

Two weeks later a tech shows up to re-install FIOS. Once again, the tech goes way above and beyond to get everything worked out. She spends 2 hours on hold with VZ because they won't let her do anything because my account was canceled. Eventually she works it out, but has to replace all of the equipment from the previous install with new equipment since the old stuff is tied to my canceled account. When she's done, everything works great.

I have to sign up for new emails since the old ones are still tied to the canceled account. I use online help and ask to have my old email addresses move to the new account number. Two weeks later, I have to call, but it only took an hour and a couple of associates to fix it so I could re-use my email addresses.

I get a bill for the old account which includes a week of the current month plus one month ahead. I call and get the right associate the first time. She says to pay the bill and it will show up as a credit on the new account.

A couple of days later, the kids are watching HBO, which I never ordered. I get online and find out I've got the top of the line for everything, so I cancel some if it, but have to call to get the package deal I actually ordered. Remarkably it takes one phone call and only about 40 minutes to fix that.

Wow! I say to my self, I'm done having to call VZ everything has been straightened out.

What I fool I am!

I get home and find out that my wife has e-payed the old account over $250 dollars, there's another e-pay amount due for $75 for the old account and a paper bill for $200 plus for the new account.

That brings me to today. Two hours 15 minutes, 5 different associates and three phone calls. I get one associate - I can see both your old account and the new account, but I'm in the copper group and cannot fix the bill, "you'll have to speak with the digital voice department". He transfers me, hold, automated voice (I hate the VZ automated voice now) I'll transfer you to someone that can help, more hold time. The digital voice associate can't help me since she can't see my old copper account. You need to talk to FIOS financial group. She transfers me and more hold time. My boss calls, so I put the call on hold for 5 minutes to talk with him. VZ drops the call before I can get back.

Call FIOS Financial # that the associate gave me and its for some floor mat company that is closed for the day...

Call 1-800-Verizon (I wish it was 1-800-FUVZ)and guess what, more hold time...

It takes this associate 15 minutes to read through all the notes on my old account. It turns out my old account, canceled by Verizon, has a early termination charge on it!

So now, I'm waiting for his supervisor to call back tomorrow or the next day to credit the termination charge and credit it to my new account.

Maybe I'll get this worked out this week?!

What a fool - Verizon H8er ID: 130991

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03/25/19 | 14:35PM
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barryff60 - Verizon H8er ID: 866027

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