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06/24/10 | 4:04AM
Over a month later, no service, no surprise

I blame myself, they provided terrible service at my previous address and with moving to a new place I was just too busy to explore other options so I called up and had the service transferred.

Started this whole ordeal on May 12th... over a month ago... and as of today Verizon still hadn't been able to get an active, fully functional, phone connection into the house. 3 technicians, dozens of tech support people, and N O T H I N G !!

Hours and hours of calling and getting no where I decided to email so comments would be documented.Heres the conversation with them yesterday after giving up on calling and sending a complaint via email:

Thank you for contacting Verizon. We are in receipt of your
email and will be happy to help you. Because you have a final account,
you would not be able to register online as a Verizon customer. The
nature of the message regarding your account needs to be confidential.
Therefore we cannot respond to you via email.

Please contact us at 1-800-VERIZON or 1-800-837-4966. A representative
will be happy to assist you with issues concerning payments and/or
account balances.



I have made multiple attempts to work with you guys over the phone, I have spent literally HOURS of my very valuable time trying to get this matter resolved. Below is just a small sample of the call logs of my attempts to get this resolved:

06/18/10 4:44 PM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 24 minutes (agent able to cancel services)
06/18/10 4:42 PM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 2 minutes (disconnected)
06/18/10 4:29 PM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 22 minutes (disconnected)
06/18/10 4:18 PM 760-381-8872 VICTORVL,CA 4 minutes (number for supervisor, message)
06/18/10 9:39 AM 760-381-8872 VICTORVL,CA 2 minutes (number for supervisor, message)
06/17/10 3:28 PM 760-381-8872 VICTORVL,CA 3 minutes (number for supervisor, message)
06/17/10 11:09 AM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 43 minutes (transferred 4 times, agent rude, unable to assist)
06/14/10 4:47 PM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 9 minutes (scheduled service appointment)
06/08/10 1:46 PM 866-765-1660 Toll Free Call, 40 minutes (verizon online, incorrect modem shipped)
06/08/10 1:34 PM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 12 minutes (agent unable to assist, sets service appointment)
06/08/10 1:02 PM 800-837-4966 Toll Free Call, 31 minutes (transferred multiple times, disconnected)
06/08/10 1:01 PM 800-483-4000 Toll Free Call, 1 minute (number given to me by agent to call "different department")

Thats 193 minutes I've spent calling your "customer service" department. All documented courtesy of SPRINT wireless service, who by the way also happen to have customer service far superior to yours.
Does it seem reasonable that I should have spent over 3 hours in the past 2 weeks attempting to get this matter resolved? If I were billing you for my time as I'm currently compensated by my employer you would owe me money at this point.

Each call ends one of 2 ways... I am transferred around until the call is eventually disconnected, or I get to a dead end where the representative is unable to help me then gives me a number to call... every time I'm given the same number I started out calling.

The matter has gotten so ridiculous that I requested to speak with a manager. I missed the initial call from that person and I have made 3 attempts leaving messages for her with no response.

I flat out refuse to call you people anymore as the conversations and issues I have getting thru are not documented. If you review the account you'll see I began this process on May 12th to transfer services to my new address, here we are on June 22nd, a month and 10 days later. I still have not been able to use my internet connection. Your technicians blamed the phone line issues on the alarm, which turns out was not correct as the same issues I've had from the beginning are occurring despite having the alarm system now disconnected.

So over a month into this ordeal I still have not received a single day where my phone or internet services have been operational. I work from home, having internet and phone are imperative, and thus far you have COST me far more than the supposed $459 my most recent bill states I owe. Also if you'll note the charges are doubled in many circumstances - one charge from my old address, one for my new address for the same time period... why can no one simply correct that? I called to MOVE service, not open a new additional account!!

I have absolutely no issue paying for the DIRECTV services that were bundled into the bill as they had no issue professionally moving my services over, your company could really stand to learn from their performance. 1 phone call and it was handled - the tech arrived on time, was courteous and professional on the day we needed him to. Ticket closed, and I couldn't be happier. Its amazing that they allow a company with such low caliber service to be associated with them as they have been flawless in the over 9 years I've had them in my homes.

I am not unreasonable, I will even pay a portion of the phone and data charges despite never being able to use them, but when I can't get a simple response to the request that my bill be adjusted to reflect this what recourse am I left with?
Your customer service agents have been a mixture of completely inept , in many cases extremely rude and unprofessional with a few exceptions. Now your managers lack the professionalism to return a simple phone call? Totally unacceptable.

Please have someone from your company contact me with an ADJUSTED total due. I refuse to pay the full amount as I have never received functional services in my home, but in order to see this matter done I will agree to pay a portion of the fees, including all fees due to DIRECTV for services prior to having the account unbundled on the 18th. I would like to see this matter resolved ASAP as I have already scheduled installation of services from Charter communications and Vonage this week and care not to deal with you further once I have established services with them.

I am available on my cell phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX anytime. I would give you a home number, but obviously you won't be able to reach me there!


I have yet to receive a response to my email or the messages I left for the supervisors.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 938EE6

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11/15/10 | 16:53PM
I had the same problem with cyclic phone trees, dead ends, some automated asshole that kept giving me another non-related phone number to call (for a business that had no relation to verizon). I swear, they just want to f*** with you so you don't get your money back. For two months they've been sending me bills saying I have a credit.....F****** WONDERFUL!!!! LET'S SEE A CHECK YOU DOUCHE!!! Why isn't this an automated thing that when and account is closed, they either call you saying "you owe us a final payment" or "you have a credit, where should we send it?" Is this so f****** hard????

It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to find a verizon rep that could locate my closed "final" account where I have a credit. This one bright fellow named "Adam" from Verizon payment center had the brains and diligence to locate my "lost account".

The real shame here is that verizon's phone support are a bunch of clueless pawns that you can't individually blame. It's the system that is the problem and I have no idea who to go after. You just get lucky every now and then you find someone that knows what a "refund ticket is". Any asshole can say "let me get you to someone who can help..." So does that mean you can't help??? then why the f*** are you working there????!!!! You are useless! As for more training, do something!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3E38E3

12/21/10 | 20:27PM
yeah..all verizon agents are bitches!!
I called and called...still no answers. Recently, they just disconnected my phone services without my knowledge. I called there, either they transfer you to another fXXKer or they hang up on you. I asked one of verizon agents, why my phone got disconnected...you know what they said, I didn't do it, and it's not his business. I feel want to kill all verizon agents.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DBA318

03/01/12 | 18:40PM
I have two suggestions. . . report this information to the FCC and BBB. You may still not have a resolution but if enough frustrated customers voice their concerns maybe Verizon Wireless will be forced to clean up their horrible customer services and shady business practices.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 91A9B7

04/16/13 | 18:54PM
You need to report the issues to the Public Service Commission
1 800 342 3377. They will give you a case number and contact
the appropriate area at Verizon . If still don't get satisfaction try them again.They will follow through. When they amass enough complaints Verizon gets sanctioned.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FB46F5

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