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06/25/10 | 0:36AM
double accounts

I had triple play with fios. I called to cancel home phone and reduce internet and tv options. Suddenly, all my boxes switched off. I called back and my account had been shut off. I called back and it was my word against theirs. They had to open a new account. They sent me a box mistakenly to return the hardware and sent q tech to ny house without telling me. I was promised discounts on my new account but am not getting.g them. Also, I got billed a full month on my old account on AUTO PAY for Christ sake. I call someone directly on Verizon and it rings forever. Sometimes it goes to voicemail. Whenever I call regular hotline, they say that theyre sorry, and transfer me around to someone else and I have to reexplqin over and over

StealthaRabbi - Verizon H8er ID: 794115

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08/12/10 | 15:37PM
And that is exactly their ploy! If they transfer you enough times and you have to tell the same story enough times, you'll get frustrated and just pay the bill! What they do to the consumer is just outrageous. How many phone companies do you know of that have bullet proof glass in their windows?? For what should be an innocuous company, it seems they've taken some extreme measures....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 59172C

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