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07/07/10 | 22:20PM
Insurance? For what?

So, I bought my Blackberry Pearl Flip about a year ago. I was happy with it, Verizon's service has always been great in my area. Great phone. No complaints. I was even happy enough to go ahead and get the insurance plan for $5 extra a month.


My phone has been acting up, and the buttons are starting to work less and less. Which, I hear, is a common BB problem. So, okay. I take my phone in, because the clerk who sold me the phone said I the insurance plan ensured that I could replace the phone for any reason.

So, cool. Right? NOPE!

I took the phone in today, and they checked the little strip, and sure enough, it had changed color. Not all the way, though. Just in patches. But still, they said the warranty was void because the little sticker had changed color. And with the insurance plan, I could buy a USED replacement for $90. Or I could pay full price for a new one.

Umm, excuse me? What is insurance for, then? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY GODDAMN NOTHING.

This is a scam, and I want my money back. The phone has never touched water. Ever. And that's a stupid clause, anyway. Everyone sweats. Sometimes it's humid out, too. That's enough to change these damn strips. Hell, sometimes they come out of the box that way!

Awful, terrible, scammers. Verizon can eat a dick.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BEBA40

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09/12/10 | 14:30PM
Dude no they don't come out the box that way. And for any insurance you have your gonna have to pay a deductible. That's what the 90 bucks is for. You should rather pay the 90 than the full retail. Ugh. Peope want something for nuthn. If the sticker was the right color they would have replaced your phone on the spot. THINK. Its your fault not verizons.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 12B443

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