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07/09/10 | 23:53PM
The worst company ever

I have never delt with a company that is soooooooo useless. I can not remember ONE time where I called customer service and they were able, or more likely willing, to help me. They are however always happy to tell me what they can't do. One example - Previously I had changed my bill to online delivery. Save paper, mail delivery etc.. You know, do the good environmental thing. About that time I changed jobs and had to change my account. As soon as i did this it locked up the old online account. (They failed to mention this when I changed.) I needed a copy of the bill for a final expense report so I called them and asked for how I could get it. They said it would be sent out some time in the next month. Oh boy that was a big help. I asked if they couldn't just e-mail it to me. They then told me they did not have e-mail. (The fact that they send me e-mail must have escaped them.) I tried to ask politely if they were serious. That a technology compnay in 2009 does not have e-mail but they insisted it was true. It was then that I pointed out that we both knew they were lying, and I just wondered why. That was not received well and I was on hold. So after calling back I got the same run around from two additional reps. Finally I gave up. This is pretty much how any conversation goes with them. If you ask them for anything that any other compnay would easily and happily do for you they are dumbfounded. My last three calls to them have all ended the same way. By me asking them to remind me when I can port my number to any other carier in the world. I know the answer but it's comforting to hear it again. I just wish it was sooner. I HATE VERIZON!

Joe Johnson - Verizon H8er ID: C82372

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07/18/10 | 15:23PM
I have been told for the last 14days that I will receive an email within 24-48 hours containing a fax cover sheet to provide proof of payment. 2 weeks and no email. I have spoken to 27 different reps over a total of 13 hours and NO ONE is willing to help me. Verizon cashed a check of mine and never applied it to my account. I have proof of payment, and they are denying me the opportunity to provide that to them. I've never encountered a more useless Customer Service department, and I am afraid that my credit rating will ultimately be affected by their mistake and stonewalling practices. THEY ARE DISGUSTING.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 100C88

09/15/10 | 13:33PM
I have also had infinite problems with verizon to the point where I got so frustrated I canceled my service with them. One thing you should definitely do is contact the "Better Business Bureau". Sometimes they can help you and if nit at least there will be an official complaint on file with someplace that is not verizon. The more complaints against them the better I think. They truly are the worst company ever!

Kim from boston - Verizon H8er ID: 26B686

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marytl69 - Verizon H8er ID: 017D0B

04/19/19 | 3:48AM

WilliamSmelo - Verizon H8er ID: EF0AB4

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