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07/13/10 | 22:01PM
Mistakes, Mistakes.

Alright, around a MONTH ago, I was getting these calls twice a day from this weird number with some foreign area code. It was verizon, asking to speak with the account holder. They would call at the same time every day. While I was at school, or when both my parents were at work. Around a week ago, our phones were really quiet, and we started to wonder why. We were out the whole day, then when I got home I decided to text one of my friends. It didn't work.

Verizon shut our phones off, so my mom called them. She went through every single payment we had EVER made, including our latest one. That was on TIME. They went through their computers over and over, and found no mistake that they were claiming was present. It took a half hour, then they said that if they found anything, they would call us.

For the past two months, they were basically waiting for some excuse to shut out phones off, and we proved there was none. Just to piss us off some more, we have to wait till next week.

Verizon. Sucks.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 81904F

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