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07/16/10 | 15:39PM

My landline had no dial tone so I used my cell to call Verizon. They did a test and said it was on their end and they needed to come out. They scheduled a date THREE WEEKS in the future. I called the day before they were supposed to come and was told I was first on the list. I told my boss I would be in late. When they had not arrived at 9:30 am I called. It took me three times of being disconnected before I got to a person. I was informed that my ticket was first, but the technician it was given to called in sick. I now took the whole day off, and was told they would be here before 7pm! 10am - 7pm? Nice window. In addition I received my bill today. They billed me for service I didnt even have for the last three weeks!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1F7DC1

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07/17/10 | 5:32AM
Expect more of the same for wireline service. Verizon is concentrating more on suspending employee's for dress code violations and failure to falsify company records. Their dihonest dealings with their manager's and employee's are just symptons of their failed policies and utter disregard for customer service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F8FA24

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