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07/22/10 | 16:06PM

ohk. so i got an lg ally *android* and it was great. execept for the fact that i had i a month and it was already messing up. so verizon send me a replacement phone. i turned on the phone and gues what it did the exact same thing(all the ally phones after heavy use on texting on the physical keyboard start opening random corresponding applications like the y key opens youtube and e is email so i couldnt use the physical keyboard at all which suckkkked since i hate virtual keyboards) so i called verizon the exact same day and they send me another replacement. i got it the next day. it did the exact same thing. i chewedd them out and so instead of sending a like new replacement they were going to send a brand new replacement overnight. well turns out i get a call the next day from the guy that could hardly speak english that i had been dealing with and he said i talked to my supervisor and like you said your obviously going to have the same problem and so they sent me another like new replacement buttt this time it was a moto droid. i got it that monday because the order was placed on a friday or something. andd i got the phone in 3 boxes. one was the shell of the phone. another was the charger and the other was the battery. but wait. no battery cover.(eco friendly?) so i called verizon yet again and they supposedly were overnighting me a back cover. it never came the next morning so i called back. it turns out the order didnt even get placed. so i was supposed to get it the next day yet again they supposedly overnighted it. so thursday i called back because it was past 10:30 and i said so what happened to my back cover? and IT NEVER GOT FREAKING SHIPPED! so they overnighted me a back cover and i got it that next day (friday) and they gave me 10% discount on my bill for the next 6 months. unbelievable.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EECD00

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