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07/23/10 | 4:35AM
Time is of the essence

Real brief story here. I saw the Incredible online, decided to order it, found out that it wouldn't ship out until the 27th of this month. Decided to wait. Then I came upon the Droid X. Me being me, I decided to think in a logical manner and say hey let me switch out because not only does this phone look good. But I get a phone earlier than what I expect. So I wait until the 15th, go into the store, pick up the X and what do you know, I get no 3G reception at all. I was told that since everyone would be activating their phones that the network would probably be down for a couple of days so I should just ride it out. Not to mention that my phone that I purchased was switched out about 5 times just to see if I could could get a connection. Anyway I leave and wait for about a week. Nothing changed. So I went to a different store and after being in there for almost two hours, I was told that I could switch out phones and get a brand new one for free. The only problem with that is that no store in the Chicago land area has a clue on when the phone would arrive to their stores..... For all of this foolishness, I could've kept my order for the Incredible the whole time and walked away happy with a functional phone. Verizon needs to fix this. Especially when the customers that waited for the Incredible were bum rushed by CSRs giving out mixed messages about the ability to pre-order the Droid X if they were still waiting for the Incredible. Along with that scavenger hunt that they had. It really would have been appropriate to cater to those waiting customers first.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4EEB5B

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