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07/23/10 | 19:24PM
manager followed me out of the store

so it all started with my droid, i went through 3 of them, in 2 months, so i traded for a BB tour, that had no problems, for 3 weeks when the clicky ball stoped working, i took it to the store, they wouldnt do anything, so this is now 3 months after ive had the phone, it now restarts at the slightest movement, i can make it restart with one touch to the top of the phone, i take it to verizoz after calling ahead so i didnt have to deal with their bullshit. they told me oh yeah no problem, well ste you up with a like-new replacement, so i get up, out of bed, to go do this, i get their, i talk to the store manager, and he procedes to tell me, they cant d it because ive dropped my phone too many times, and theres scrathes on the edges, whos phone doenst have those? im not a girl i dont leve my phone in my purse all the time, its in my hand all the time, being used, i use it, alot, i tweet for businesses, my phone is my income maker, so i use it all the time, yes i go through phones very fast but that shows how bad the quality of the phones im getting from verizon, so back to the story, he tells me, heres the number to insurance, and i immediately tell him no, iw as told i could get a new phone, from your salesperson, he gets an attitude back, well sir not with the way your phone looks, so i tell him in the loudest way i could VERIZO RAPES ITS CUSTOMERS, and id be leaving your company next month, when im available for a 2 year contract, and i walk out of the sotre, i walk to my car, grab a cigg amd walk across the shopping center into where i work. ill not i was not wearing any work asspciated attire what so ever, yet this man, the "manager" follows me across the parking lot about 50 feet behind me, into my place of employment, now ill admit they know i work where i do because they come in to eat there, as well as i handout coupons in the verizon store for them to use, so he follows me into the store, and i say i dont want to talk to you and walk into the back area of the sore where he cant come, and he asks my coworkers for my employers number because hed like to notify them of how rude I was. im not sure if he knows but because i wrk there, doesnt mean these people are my parents, which they are not, and so i call back over to the store to try and get what i needed worked out, i get the manager on the phone, of course, and i asked him why he followed me, he tried to tell me he didnt, but he walked out of the store behindme into my employment 50 feet behind me, and asked for the number, yet he wouldnt admit to it. this guy was a complete idiot, or he thought i was, im gonna go with him thinking i was the idiot, and after all that happened, i still havent gotten anything from verizon, i sent them an email called customer service and reported this guy, they wont do anything, verion is the worst company.

Update 7-30-2010
@merrittperegory eailed me and told me he has a Podcast (http://www.yourmusicshow.net) where he told his story.. You can hear it here:
Play the podcast and skip to Min 32. for his story.

@merrittperegory - Verizon H8er ID: BB5291

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07/24/10 | 3:48AM
i posted this story, just wanted to update you on what happened, so i ended up having to call the deathline they call tech support. i asked to speak to a supervisor after they refused to help me because my phone that ive had since march, is "out of warranty" which n fact, they were lying the entire time, it is still under warranty untill decem ber, one year from when i got the droid, for some reason they dont extend the warranty when they give you a replacement phone, shows that bviusly they know there not sending you anything quality. i went into the verizon store today, at 1130, i finnally got off the phone, with someone who actually cared, and is reporting that manager for me, so she says, she may have been nice, but i still dont trust there word, she finnally decided to send me aphone. thankfully. come december when my contract is up, im notgoing to have anything to do with verizon

twitter name @merrittperegory - Verizon H8er ID: BB5291

03/02/19 | 14:05PM
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