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07/23/10 | 23:40PM

What can I say - how to express my deep hate for this monster! My wife and I had Alltel formerly and of course they were bought out by V. It wasn't a great company but their customer service was light years ahead of this corporate pile of crap. I had a smartphone I purchased from Alltel that seemed to be a problem for V as far as connecting and support from day one. The contract was nearly up and we were moving to AZ so I decided to wait. Then the hell began. My "smartphone" got real dumb. Apparently the area we moved to didn't have a strong signal. V rep's advised me to "find a tower" and sit there so they could download software that would update my now stupid, Alltel (they said this was one of the prob's w/ my phone that had been working fine till they took over)smartphone. I did them one better. I went to actual Verizon, Corporate store. What better place I thought to download things and if I couldn't at least they could maybe find the problem. Oh, by the way, I also had internet from Alltel which became V and it worked fine at our new location. No explanation from V on that. At the store I had no success. They asked if they could take the phone in the back and add the needed software. After about an hour a store rep. came out and said it couldn't be fixed. When I asked what was I to do w/ my expensive "smartphone" that was still under contract, she said I needed to get a new one. I left the store fuming. When I calmed down I called the Verizon idiots again and told them what had happened. They were very apologetic and assured me they would take care of me. They said they would cancel the remaining contract on my smartphone, my wife's phone was already out of contract, and since I didn't need my PC internet card anymore (we moved to a place w/ wireless access), would only charge me $100 for canceling early. The rep looked into our calling/use history and based a new set of phones and a calling program on that. I told him my current phone was useless and he assured me we would get our phones in a few days. Another part of this story is that I'm really not a big phone user. I liked the smartphone for the internet options and it was a deal at the time I got it from Alltel. My wife is a big phone user and texter. So I just wanted a simple phone and she wanted one that made texting easier (we were also trying to cut costs). Well a week later still no phone. All my calls were in vain and the "customer service" rep's made me feel like it was my problem. They offered to knock 10% off our bill for the next 6 mos. When the phones finally arrived we found the phone that was to go to my wife had my phone number (we have kept our old numbers for now) and my phone had hers. The sh*t hit the fan. We could not get satisfaction from the V phone rep’s or in store so decided just to keep the phones we were given. No apologies from them except in the sense that they realized we were upset and they were real sorry about that. Next my wife wanted to get her photos off her old phone onto her new. They tried all kinds of gyrations including having us buy a chip to download into the phone on. I was able to get the pic’s on the chip but the phone couldn’t read them. Again no help from V. Just a, we’re real sorry you’re upset. I will say I did get a call from a “manager” who called me at work and wanted to walk me through getting the pic’s onto my wife’s phone. But calling at work wasn’t a convenient time and I obviously didn’t have her phone with me. So on we’ve gone. Until today. The company I work for qualifies me for another 20% off my monthly bill. But unfortunately the contract(s) are in my wife’s name. We had this changed when we were with Alltel but when V took over it went back for some reason. We tried to get this changed again when we got our new phones but it was another problem for V, I can’t remember why now. But it seems like everything is a problem for them, either already existing as corporate policy or in the way their seemingly minimally trained rep’s handle things. Anyway, I attempted, again, to have the contracts put into my name. They said they would require all my most personal info (short of a sperm sample), which I gladly gave to get this thing going. Then the phone rep tells me we will have a new billing date (no problem) and we will lose our warranty on our newly purchased phones. WHAT! This is not my problem. I tried to get this changed when we bought our phones and they F*d up! I asked the rep, like I’ve asked almost all the rep’s I’ve come into contact with at V, don’t you feel ashamed to work for such a company. She said it was just corporate policy and I said I don’t give a shit, you created the problem so you fix it. I wanted this contract in my name when I bought the phones and I want my 20% discount. I am now in V limbo waiting for a “manager” to contact me in the next 3 – 5 days to explain the facts of life according to Verizon to me. When my contract is up with these nimrods, I will choose any company but them to be my provider. I’ve written a lot of words but I’ve left out much. The feeling of real frustration and helplessness has been left out. The endless calls, waiting and freaking waste of time has been left out. The wonder as to how such a company exists, gets away with this stuff and people continue (like my wife and I) to buy from these lying stealers. I feel sorry for those who work for V, that they have to listen to my tirades. I’d much rather have one of the simpleton, uncaring, corporate monkeys to bash but unfortunately this is the system they provide. I hope they go down in flames but they don’t take any good people with them. But, as is true with most things in life, like the Friday the 13th character they will keep coming back and doing damage to good, innocent consumers.

Mike D. - Verizon H8er ID: 6CDD8D

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03/23/19 | 19:44PM
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jasonrh16 - Verizon H8er ID: 4BE0A9

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