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08/17/06 | 3:53AM
Verizon kicks you while you're down.

Last year I switched from Verizon to another carrier. It was shortly after Hurricane Katrina had taken everything I owned when Verizon sent me bills that were HUGE while I hadn't changed my usage patterns. Upon calling to ask about the overages, I got the same old "shut up and pay the bill" treatment that many others get. There were hundreds of minutes on my bill that they couldn't explain because there was no record of the numbers dialed nor numbers listed for incoming calls on all those minutes. Of course they said it couldn't be a computer glitch on their end, they are never wrong. After the hurricane passed, there were cell problems everywhere around here. But they refused to even look into it to see if there had been a mistake or network problem. So finally, I decided to switch service to stop the gigantic bills from coming and now face bad credit because of their arrogant, nasty, incompetent treatment. Customer service.......doesn't exist with Verizon. Most of what they claim I owe is due to bad information from their own rep so I refuse to pay for his mistake. And now I'm supposed to fight a bad credit issue because of their incompetent rep? I have fought with Verizon and told them of their local rep giving me bad information and have since refused to pay for his incompetence. This should ride on Verizon's shoulders. But, they do not care that it was their mistake. Instead of working with me to correct the issue and at least take some of the blame themselves, they simply put me in the credit bureau. There has to be a way to stop these greedy, unethical snakes.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5A4721

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