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07/25/10 | 22:45PM
Phones... lots of phones

So I went into the store cause my old Alltel LG Banter battery wouldn't hold a charge. The FIRST time I went into the store they sent me a fru phone sans battery... how the hell a phone without a new battery would fix a fucked battery is beyond me... so I went into the store said WTF and the guy (who would barely even look at me) said that it should fix my problem and give it about a week. So that obviously didn't work and I went into the store for the THIRD time. This time they sent me a new battery... for the COSMOS. The batteries were the same size and shape and had the same contacts, so they decided that it would word. Did it? no. So I went to the store for the FOURTH time and they said I got an upgrade to the enV 3. Woot! I thought. So I finally got the new phone and guess what. They sent me a new phone without a fucking battery. So then I had to wait even more time for them to ship me a battery... that wasn't even the same color as the phone. Because of this they told me that they'd give me a case to cover it up. Well, they didn't have a case in the store that would fit my phone because they sent me the extended battery. So I was instructed to call customer service to have them send me a case. I called customer service and they sent me a piece of shit phone case that didn't even fit. After the call with customer support I got a call for a customer satisfaction survey. I rated Verizon's service a 2 of 5. They called me back and asked what they could do to make me happy. I got 200 extra minutes a month on my plan, but was then told that I would have to pay $9.99 a month extra because they gave me a data phone, when in the store they said my plan would not change. I argued with the guy on the phone for about 20 minutes about why I shouldn't have to pay 9.99 extra and in the end he basically told me that I was fucked. I got the customer satisfaction survey again and rated Verizon at 0 of 5. So I went back into the store AGAIN and they put a hold on the data so I wouldn't have to pay for it. I can't use it but I don't care I don't want it. So then Verizon called me back since I rated their service a 0 and the guy on the phone was a total ass hole who told me that I wasn't using the phone properly if I didn't use the web... I'm pretty fucking sure I know how to use my own phone thanks. Anyway, where this is now is that he told me that he's pretty sure they're just going to remove the data hold randomly and start charging me 9.99 a month without asking me. It's bull shit.

Jigga - Verizon H8er ID: 059C31

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