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07/27/10 | 14:12PM
Incompetent Customer Servbice

For years I have had automatic payments made to Verizon from my checking account. In order to remove a joint signer from my account, I had to open a new checking account in my name alone.
On 7/09/10, I called Verizon to change the account number from which future payments were to be taken and was told I would have to come to their office in order to do this. That same day, I went to the local office, where I was told they did not do that at the office; that I would have to call Verizon at the phone number on my bill.

On 7/13/10 I called that number and for more than an hour was switched from one automated selection recording to another until I finally reached a live representative. She said she would send me a copy of my most recent bill which I should pay with a check on my new account and complete the automatic payment form on the back of the back of the statement and return it with my check. She then spent the next half-hour telling me about my DirecTV bill and that it could be included in my Verizon bill.

On 7/27/10, I received a bill that looked like several photocopies had been made overlaying each other on a single sheet of paper. It was indecipherable except the portion that said the bill would be deducted from my old account on or after 7/21/10, and did not include the automatic payment form.

I have spent almost two full days trying to accomplish what I thought would be a simple transaction and am right back where I started from.

Mil - Verizon H8er ID: DE7CEA

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07/27/10 | 19:04PM
You were warned so many times at this site. DO NOT USE any automated VZ payment plans or their employees or websites suggesting to do so. Send them a check !!!!!!!!! It costs them about 48 cents to process it. Please use your bank with a paper check to pay this "good for nothing pile of crap company. " ----- current employee

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3B0037

03/16/19 | 3:42AM
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naomiib2 - Verizon H8er ID: 305207

05/06/19 | 4:53AM
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Vadimcrype - Verizon H8er ID: 2820CF

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