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08/04/10 | 7:54AM
Customer Service so terrible that i cancelled my contract tonight ...

I have always been very careful with my phones... so much in fact that after two years of use, they usually look brand new. This morning I noticed that I had condensation under the screen that was so bad that I could hardly make out anything on it. I gave it a chance to go away, but later that evening, it was even worse. I did some research online to see if I had possibly done something and all the indicators on the phone showed that it had NOT been exposed to water. I thought, "surely they'll be able to help me out with this issue," so I stopped by their Apple Valley, MN location. I encountered THE worst sales rep that I have ever met there tonight. Not sure if I should post names, but I don't care... her name was Nakayla. From the get go she acted as though it was all my fault and I was basically an idiot. She wouldn't even look at the inside of my phone. I asked about the cost of replacing ... "full retail" was the response I got. She didn't offer to help me look at new phones or anything... just kept insisting that there was nothing that could be done and wouldn't even let me speak to ANYONE else. I expressed that I didn't think it was right for a $400 phone to malfunction this way under normal wear and tear. "It's probably from coming in and out of the hot and cold." ... really? That's your response? So basically I should avoid coming in and out of the air conditioning with my cellphone all summer long. I told her that I felt that something should be done to help me out and she directed my to a phone repair shop in minneapolis and told me that "when your car breaks down, you don't expect your dealership to fix it... you go somewhere else." Well Nakayla? I did go somewhere else... back to AT&T and since I have nothing better to do, I plan on spreading the word about how AWFUL verizon is to everyone that will listen. I also tried their customer service reps over the phone through Verizon directly and that wasn't much better. This whole experience was enough to make me cancel my plan a year early and order a new iPhone. Verizon should have done the right thing and replaced/repaired my phone... now they've lost a customer that would have loyally stayed with them for years.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 47B062

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08/04/10 | 8:02AM
... I should also add that my phone is less than 6 months old and still covered under the manufacturer's warranty...

They still did nothing.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 47B062

08/04/10 | 8:07AM
Call back to 611 did you check to see if u have insurance??? I recommend you call back and see abt purchaseing a refurb phone if u call back req a sup to speak with if you don't get a knowledgeable rep cause above all we have options i apologize about the encounter in the store.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B18907

08/08/10 | 20:24PM
or u can just contact this guy - he's head of corporate complaints

Jim Friedl

Supervisor, Client Operations

Teleperformance Canada

Office: 807.766.3830

Email: jim.friedl@teleperformance.com

Teleperformance values: Immaturity - Retardness - Poor attitudw - Idoltry – Commitment to fucking everyone over

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FBC09F

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