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08/04/10 | 22:21PM
Horrid experience at Verizon.

I thought I was dealing with a reliable company. They went far and beyond when they responded to a twitter tweet I had, and got my FIOS service up and running as soon as possible.
As amazing as that was, dealing with their billing and customer service department has ruined whatever positive I had held about verizon.

My story begins when a normal payment went uncredited to my verizon account. Months had gone by since this first occurred. I've been on the phone with them ever since. My paid amount went uncredited to my Verizon account, and thus continually forwarded to the next months bill. My bank statement shows the money was received by Verizon. The agents recognize that they received my funds, yet my account remains uncredited.

I've called their care center several times. Always to the same number, sometimes the agent will tell me that I had the wrong department and hang up on me, sometimes they tell me they don't handle certain FIOS services, sometimes they'll me to hold and then disconnect me. But, sometimes I do get an agent that can and will help me. It just pains me that they have people working for them that treat people like this. They are boldly lying to customers to get rid of them instead of dealing with their issues. One agent asked me if I dialed the 800 number (all the numbers are 800..) Then she was like oh, well you need to hit 1 then 5 to get to the right department (I was in the right department BILLING).. Regardless I followed her instructions pushing 1->5 is to disconnect services!

Basically, If you choose to deal with Verizon. You're taking a gamble. (Remember the one agent who made death threats?) Their service is just not up to par.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2848D7

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04/19/19 | 16:52PM

Waynegeaby - Verizon H8er ID: 2A143F

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