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08/10/10 | 5:33AM
Double Bundle of Horror!

My hatred for this company is beyond words and dates way back. I first got warped into their shit when i decided to get a cellphone for basic use. what i got in return was nothing short of a sucker punch..charges mile long for services i never used. I went into the manhattan store and let them have it along with their service. And even after the service was terminated, can you believe they still sent me a bill claiming i owed them..i felt like someone shot the gas tank with a bazuka..i completely left their customer service reps with a def tone...and that was the end or so i thought. In my zone...we only had two choices for a house phone, it was MCI and TimeWarner. Guess what the freak happen?! Verizon bought over MCI which was the company i was signed with.. I swear they follow you like some sort of bad omen..Their reps pestered my life daily to the point they ended up choosing a plan for me because i was so reluctant as you'ld expect to go through the cycle again. I made them change it and sign me on with the cheapest plan...again more like a rodeo plan...I was cornered like cattle trying to get away from the rancher VeriZon...no where to go from there but down..see my irony...with their so called low which i call the mal high... you get no voicemail, no calling out of your zone and surprises like you wouldn't get on your mother effing secret bday party with all your awesome planning! I'm so hyperventalating if u can't tell by now....how do they manage to get away with all this shit you ask? Cuz we haven't branded them their true name...Verizon Worthless for their wireless division!!! For the rest i'm just getting warmed up...stick around!...And as if that wasn't bad enough i had to make it worst to get more out of my plan because i could not afford their competitor's rates for internet along with my killer phone plan..so as you can imagine i took their double bundle..aparently it would seem that i love my torture..then again what choice did i have?..Phone and internet 7m at such a great price with free wifi..one more limbo with the devil...cheap ass equipment that malfunction on a constant basis, wifi can't work simultaneously with LAN and intercepting phone calls..here comes the fun part...i got charged just the phone part and they claiming i miss the cycle by a day for the internet...wuh da hell explanation is that?!...i ordered both at the same time so how can one make the cycle and other didn't...any rocket scientists out there?..care to take a shot at this one? Can any one guess what the next bill will be? Your guess is as good as mine...They are missing some horns on that logo...why you gave them a halo...i crown those mother effin scum sucking parasites....drum roll..
What you call them...i couldn't have agreed more!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 86A8FB

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04/15/19 | 1:30AM
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justinpq4 - Verizon H8er ID: 15B1CC

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