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08/11/10 | 20:01PM
Triple Play Packages

attached is email sent to cusotmer contact person. since then i have had to endure threats of disconnection plus more incomprehensible bills Still waiting for a response or a solution. Do I have a chance?
Update I of ocurse had to pay or be disconnected but some person from an "executive customer service" called and left 412-804-7109 to call back which I did and since then no response.

Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 1:29 PM
To: 'mswittenberg@verizon.com'
Subject: customer service

You left a message asking about how well you are doing at Verizon and my FIOS service:
To be upfront: dealing with Verizon and my account is a nightmare every month a bill is received.
First I am never charged the same amount each month for my bundle and extras. I know taxes are a variant but each month there is a problem somewhere: free offers are charged as services, Verizon “forgets” to bill for tv services. It is grueling and excruciating to work your way through the maze of voice commands and push buttons and being transferred and reconnected and disconnected trying to find answers to questions.

But onto the newest ongoing situation: Verizon did not charge my account for tv services one month. I was able to pay that and beleived I was curretn until a new bill of over $383 arrived. Speaking to someone at customer service I explained I couldn’t pay the whole amount at once but would pay it increments so I have paid $100 three times over the month of June/July to get caught up I have paid $499. Since 5/6 and still am not caught up.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the collections department now saying I owe $283 to catch my bill up plus another 203 dollars going forward!!!!!!!!!! Your web site bill detail is notoriously slow and unreliable and never has the same information someone working at customer service has so it is difficult to determine what is going on. Again working my way through the maze of buttons and commands and after speaking to someone in Virginia twice - my account is not in Virgina and they have no idea why I would be told to call them -I spoke to an agent in the FIOS section who states my bill is only $286. But the collection person has threatened to cut the tv service and has no record or notes on my account of me calling in and explaining that I would be working to reduce my bill and I have until July 29 to come up with $283.

My account has been a mess since I signed up for a wireless bundle and merged my dsl/phone package and fios tv service separate accounts into one bundle. I have asked for my account (s) to be reviewed as I believe that when the accounts were merged several payments on the tv side were not added into the bundle and I have been carrying and paying extra charges ever since. There have been two times this past year when I have been caught up but then I receive a bill and phone call saying I am two to three months behind!!
However I have never refused to pay I have not shirked my responsibilities as a FIOS customer I have spoken to countless persons over the years asking for help and explaining my account yet somehow somewhere I am again behind two months and being threatened with disconnection.

I have been a Verizon (and all its predecessor companies) for 32 years I switched from Comcast due to that loyalty and on the premise there would be better prices and better service. I even have my cell phone account with Verizon Wireless. Yet when I ask for assistance or for full accounting of my account there is no offer of helping from anyone. I am continually confused and baffled at how much I owe, how much I have (over) paid throughout the years and more importantly how disparaging and rudely I am treated when I try to ask questions and ask for explanations.

Again I am under pressure to come up with $289 by this Friday or expect consequences I would ask you for help with this ongoing problem and if someone can determine why my account is constantly out of whack and why even though I do my part and try to work with Verizon I do not get assistance or cooperation from you side. You do not even have contact phone numbers to try to speak to an executive and one is always roadblocked by having to speak to a supervisor only who will get back to you.

SoI am appealing to you since you called and asked and coincidentally only left an email address to contact you to look into my account and figure out what is going on. My wife says we should give up and cut our losses and switch back to Comcast but I am not ready for that until I give you the courtesy of assisting.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9C8FE8

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03/26/19 | 16:04PM
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doraxm11 - Verizon H8er ID: FB279B

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