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08/13/10 | 16:31PM
Verizon "High" Speed Internet

I live in LA, and over the last couple of months I've noticed my DSL connection speed drops significantly during the evenings (~1 Mbps). I even upgraded to Turbo to "fix" the problem (Verizon claims "up to 7 Mbps") with no improvement whatsoever. I monitored the situation for a couple of weeks and finally called last night to complain.

Boy, their customer service is great (note sarcasm). First, different people asked for callback numbers, but after getting disconnected twice, did I get a callback? Of course not. After a series of dumb tests and turning my modem on and off repeatedly with no fix in sight, I gave up for the evening, frustrated and tired.

When I called back this morning, the automated system claimed they had fixed my problem! For real? And it's still unclear why the problem exists. They should just admit their speed sucks in the evening and give me a lower price. Unfortunately my building isn't wired for cable so I am stuck with this piece of sh*t ISP.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 06CD65

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