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08/13/10 | 20:40PM
Worst Customer Service Ever

Mr. Seidenberg,

My name is Vickie Gonzalez and my husband, Raul, and I have been long term Verizon customers. Our account number is XXXXXXXXXXX. I have worked in the customer service industry for 14 years. I am writing this letter to make sure you are aware of the poor level of service your organization consistently provides. We have been attempting to have billing and product ERRORS on our account corrected since early April 2010 with little to no success. Please read our story below and take a moment to consider it from a customer service point of view.

In April 2010 we had a “Quad-Play” bundle of services from Verizon (Residential Phone, Wireless Phone, Direct TV and High Speed Internet). In an effort to save money my husband and I toyed with the idea of disconnecting the residential phone service. After about a week without the residential phone we decided to reconnect. When Verizon customer service entered the order to reconnect the residential phone they established a new, separate, Verizon account number rather than using the existing account number that already held the Wireless, Internet and Direct TV services. This resulting in the generation of two bills each month. When we submitted the payments for those two bills they were misapplied which resulted in a large credit balance on one account and a past due balance on the other. We began receiving late notices and letters threatening to disconnect the residential phone. On July 30th, 2010 our home phone was in fact disconnected and I had to make one of MANY phone calls to customer service to have that corrected. During that call the CSR stated that he was going to enter a “ROC” ticket and have the services re-bundled onto one bill correctly. That did not occur, and on Aug 6th, 2010, I received an email threatening to disconnect my internet service unless immediate payment was received. All the while a large credit balance sat on one of these two accounts created in error. I called customer service again on August 6th and spoke to a CSR who called the “ROC” department. They advised her that the only way to correct the problem and bundle all of our services back onto one bill would be to disconnect the “dry loop” internet service we currently had and order new DSL service. I work from home and she assured me that the disconnection of the internet service would not happen until after 5pm on August 11th and she would call me on August 12th to place the new DSL order. She also promised to credit our account for all the inconvenience we had experience in the past 4 months. (I am still waiting on that call back and it is 2:30pm on August 13th.) The internet service was not disconnected after 5pm on the 11th, as promised, but rather at 10:30am. This, of course, made working from home impossible and cost me 4 hours of unscheduled vacation time with my employer. I have made several phone calls in the past 2 days to no avail. No one can seem to fix this issue or tell me how much longer we have to wait. As a result, I filed a complaint with the FCC yesterday afternoon.

I hope you can see how disheartening and frustrating this experience has been. We have made a countless number of phone calls to the many customer service call centers within your organization and each time we have to explain this whole situation over again. Each time we call we are unable to speak to any representative we have spoken to before even if we have their name and contact information. We have requested to speak to supervisors on several occasions and have been promised 48 hour call backs which never occur. We have also experienced frustration with the obvious problems that the outsourcing of your customer service creates.

As we speak I have just been promised a call back from a Sr. CSR within 1 hour, but I must say, I have no faith that will actually occur. We are at our wits end and completely disappointed with your organization as a whole. I do not understand how you think that this level of service is acceptable or that an organization that is this siloed is effective.

I hope this letter opens your eyes to what are real problems at Verizon and assists my husband and myself with obtaining some sort of resolution to this problem.

Thank you,

Vickie Gonzalez

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0CADCE

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