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08/14/10 | 21:30PM
creative bookkeeping to steal minutes

In January of 2009, realizing I would go over my plan minutes. I contacted Verizon and was told if I signed on for another year, I could get 100 additional minutes. I agreed. When I got my bill, I was overcharged $15.75 plus fees for 35 of those 100 minutes. I called, got an adjustment, and thought that was the end of it.

In May, I added another phone and upgraded my plan from 400 to 700 minutes. After that, every attempt to utilize my 100 "bonus" minutes resulted in overcharges. I repeatedly had to call and get adjustments because I got charged for minutes that should have been deducted from the 100 additional ones, even though the 100 minutes showed up as available on my online account.

I was repeatedly told by customer service and supervisory personnel that they would take care of the problem and then they never called me back despite repeated promises to do so.

I escalated to Verizon executives who claimed that the minutes were not shared, even though my online record showed that I had 800 minutes for the two phones. Essentially, Verizon refused to credit any of the 100 minutes off calls made by my phone. Instead, they put all the overage minutes on the second line so they could charge me for them.

In order to use the minutes, I would have had to not use the second line at all and put 800 minutes on my phone. Essentially, when I added a second line/additional minutes, Verizon stole the 100 minutes from me.

Fortunately, Verizon doesn't bother to explain their creative bookkeeping practices to front line staff. I just ran up my bill every month, got charged for the extra minutes, and called in to get them removed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 209EF6

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04/10/19 | 19:33PM

JamesLof - Verizon H8er ID: 002C44

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