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08/16/10 | 16:01PM
Classic Bait and Switch

Upgrading our son's phone to a droid - go to verizon store. Several displays with droid - no upgraded version, just a droid. Of course, I waited the obligatory hour for a sales associate. She tells me they have no more droids in store. Goes to "the back" and double checks. Says it will have be ordered on line. Guess what,folks, droid could not longer be available BUT I could pay $50 more dollars than I was planning on and get another droid model. I said no, let me see a manager, why are you displaying a phone you no longer carry. Manager comes out and graciously lets me have new phone 4 same money as I was prepared to pay. Of course, that phone too had to be sent. I think most people are so frustrated that they don't mond shelling out the extra money. But I sure did. Asked manager when they planned on taking displays down and didn't really get an answer. They are probably still up and it is a week later. Purchased accessories but e-mailed customer support complaining about bait and switch, having to activate phone myself. Frankly, that was an hour and one half of my life I will never get back and really resented going to the store with net result I might as well have stayed home and done it from computer. Contacted customer service via e-mail. Of course, I get their stock answer, valued customer, looking into matter... blah blah blah. Second e-mail states that they were sorry not to get back to me sooner but they were experienceing a higher than normal rate of e-mails. I suggested that it was because a higher than normal amount of customers were complaining about the crappy service. No responseto my observation. Thanks. For this I pay over $200/month. As I said in one of my e-mails, who's the idiot here? This will be my last verizon contract. I am tired of lame and trite customer service responses which translate into no customer service at all. My personal idea of hell is to spend eternity as a verizon "customer service" rep.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C0C554

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