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10/22/16 | 16:01PM
I feel so helpless fighting this batter with Verizon

First, thank you Dave for setting up this site. I feel the same way, Verizon is really raping their customers!...wait till you hear my story! Warning: it's a long story, but I am on point.
1st part of the story:
My business has been a Verizon customer since 1999. Back in August, 2015, I received a promotion letter in the mail for a package deal (2 phone lines and internet services for $80/mth). I spoke to a Verizon representative and she signed me up for this deal. At that time, my phone bill was around $125, I asked her repeatedly, if my phone bill will dropped to $80. She said "yes". My contract with Verizon had also been expired for a few months before that promotional letter, and I was deciding whether I should switched to another carrier, so getting this deal made me stayed but it also means I am in a 2-yr contract.
My next month bill came and it was around $300 with a lot of extra fees attached, I immediately called Verizon, they apologize and promised to make an adjustments. The next month came, adjustments were made, but these extra fees monthly fees are still there, I called again, and it happened again. Basically since Sept 2015, I have been calling Verizon every month, spent hours and hours speaking to different representatives on the phone, every time I was promised that they will fixed the issue, but to this date, these extra charges are still there! The last time I spoke to a representative was June 21st, 2016, his name is Ysmael Sollano. He promised that he will personally follow-up my case until it re-solved, again, I have not heard from him for a month now, and these extra fees are still there on my account.
Finally, I got FCC involved, and brought Verizon's attention. They began to eliminate all the extra charges on my bills. All sound good until July's storm hit.
2nd part of the story:
From 7/23 to 8/9/16, Verizon was unable to provide my business with consistent phone and internet services, both services were OFF between 60% to 80% of the time, resulting a staggering 30% drop of sales income in one week! After 18 days of disjointed & poor connections, Verizonís technicians STILL UNABLE to fix the issues. As a matter of fact, I was told by the last Verizon's technician, named Rick, that all the wires needs to be replaced to fix the issues, and it was going to be a big job! Upon hearing such bad news, I had no choice but to switch to another carrier to save my business.
I am not even asking Verizon to reimburse me the loss of business, but it is completely wrong and unethical for Verizon to demand an Early Termination Fee when my business was not getting the service that Verizon was supposed to provide.
The bottom line is I was NOT the one who bleached the contract when Verizon was unable to provide usable and consistent service in the first place. I will not pay Verizon this termination fee and will do whatever it takes.
What's more upsetting is that FCC informed me my case is closed. I guess they just don't want to deal with it anymore. Yesterday, I filed a complaint with BBB. I hope they can do some justice here.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2E4983

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01/06/17 | 16:49PM
It is my experience they have been doing business this way for over a decade. Awful company.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6CBE3F

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