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08/23/10 | 21:57PM
New Verizon Member. I hate it with a passion!

I moved to upstate NY recently and didn't get any T-mobile service at the new place where I live. I've had T-mobile for about 10 years and so I was bummed but they didn't charge me a fee for termination. I then switched to Verizon and added myself to my boyfriend's plan. Together our plan was supposed to cost $180. The lady helping us said the first bill was going to cost a little more than the initial amount. The bill we got was for $345!!!
Apparently, there was $100 charge to get added to the line which was not discussed. It would also come to about $210 for taxes and fees. Who charges that much?! The remaining were some hidden charges and other garbage.
The only other service in the area is AT&T which I am seriously considering switching to.
In an economy where everyone is struggling, Verizon is making so much out of tricking people out of their money. Unfortunately it's too late for me so the only thing I can do is spread the word.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EBCECF

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