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08/24/10 | 0:38AM
Verizon need to get their act together.

Here's another one for you....I had the verizon phone internet bundle. After my 2 yr contract, I cancelled my phone service and kept the online service, that was in Jan 2010. They charged me 59.99 for the internet alone. During this process, I had to keep my credit card number with them on file so they can charge me every month for it instead of them billing me. In late April 2010, I returned their router and signed up with Cablevision's bundle service. That started in May 1, 2010. After I cancelled Verizon FIOS, they issued me a refund of about $8 for the unuse portion of my service in April. On August 13, 2010 I get a call from a collection agency for charges from Verizon? I asked them what the charge was and they couldnt answer me. After contacting customer service and staying on the phone with them for 20 mins, it was determined it was for an early termination charge because there was a 1 yr contract on my account, not a problem because Cablevision would pay for my early termination fee. I asked why they never sent me a bill or bill this amount to the credit card I have on file instead of sending this to a COLLECTION AGENCY. They had no answer and I asked for a bill to be mailed to me. After I waited 1 week and still no bill in the mail, another Verizon service rep spent 40 mins on the phone with me and between us, we were able to figure out that those Verizon billing idiots sent an email bill to my cancelled Verizon email account! How stupuid is that? I've never sent in a bill late to them and now all of a sudden I'm not going to pay a bill for $86? I will never have Verizon service again!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 338ECA

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