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08/24/10 | 15:31PM
I hope They Get Bought Out By A Better Company

What can I say that has not already been said by every person here. I am just one more person that fell victim to their Slogan's and propaganda . I used to have Nextel before which was surprisingly , to some people, the best phone carrier I have EVER had. I had a small little brick of a phone that would chirp, text and never once dropped my calls. It was ancient but reliable. Then I started , at the time, dating someone that lived in one of those high rise apartments and I decided that even though my phone got service in there, I should upgrade and get into a phone service that really got some coverage. so I went shopping and was in between Verizon and AT&T. (Please keep in mind that this was a decision I made at the time when Nextel had just been bought out by Sprint and the iPhone wasn't in the picture yet) I picked what I thought was the lesser of 2 evils.... I was gravely mistaken. I got worse reception with my Verizon Razor than I ever had with any other phone. Where I used to get reception with my old phone , the Razor completely failed me. With Nextel I would never get a phone call if my payment was a little late, usually maybe like 1 week at the absolute most if it was a rough month. Verizon they would harass me with calls from their rude customer service reps and would disconnect my phone which cost me a reactivation fee to boot. So I modified my behavior and adjusted so I never missed a payment. So I lived with Verizon for over 1 year , met my Fiance' who upgraded me to the crave for my christmas gift, downside to that, it extended my contract and the I phone had just finished coming out :( . My brand new Krave was very pretty and worked much better than the razor so I didn't mind. But all of a sudden one day out of now where and for no reason the phone just decided to stop working. No problem I was eligible for a new phone because it was a malfunction with the phone . Used my stupid razor again and waited , and waited, and waited till the new phone FINALLY got there. So I go onto my Verizon to reinstall all of the games and ring tones that I had paid for and... nothing was there. They had absolutely no record of ANYTHING that I had PURCHASED through my Verizon account on my phone and their only solution was that I had to repurchase EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN... mind you this was well over $50 dollars worth of crap that I had just bought less than a year ago for my stupid phone . I also learned at the time that the ring backs that I have paid for expired after 1 year , which I didn't know that otherwise I would never had wasted that money. Then my Fiance' enlisted in the Army and decided ( He had the iPhone) that it would be safer to take my phone which cost us less and I would keep his phone ( the iPhone :) ) so I could keep in touch with his relatives and his phone wouldn't be stolen. We went to our local Verizon STORE and spoke with a rep. IN PERSON. I had him change my plan to the basic for only $35 a month. My Fiance' would only be able to call on the weekends at best. I SIGNED the new paper work and everything in person. I left thinking everything was fine and happy that I went in person so that no mistakes would happen. Got married and my husband goes off to basic.It was a hard first month but we were there for each other through letters and whatever phone calls we could get in. That 1 month goes by and the new Verizon bill comes...they NEVER Changed my plan. My Husband gets hurt in basic from an old knee injury he used to have and comes back home. We decide it's just time to get the hell out of Verizon. So I finally get my iPhone :)). Of course Verizon calls to collect their final bill along with the early termination fee a grand total of $370.71. I told them that i can pay it in monthly payments of $50. Rep 1 said that was fine so I did. The a Bill came saying I was past due Bla Bla Bla. Called. Rep 2 said that the reason I got that bill was because Rep 1 didn't set me up on a payment plan so I got transferred to rep 3 to set up my payments. So rep 3 says I have to pay the remaining $320.71 in 3 payments I said I couldn't and rep 1 said that it was fine for me to do monthly payments of $50 a month. Rep 3 then said that that was fine. So I have been paying my $50 a month. This month was my absolute last payment to these S.O.B.'s . I got a letter from a collection Agency the other day and I though that was strange because at this point I have no debt or collectors. So I open the letter.... Verizon sent me to collections ( even though I had a payment plane set up with them and had been paying every single month) for the remaining balance on the bill which is a GRAND TOTAL of $20.71. At this stage in the game all I can do is Laugh.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1A199A

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02/02/15 | 7:50AM
Did you ever notice that no Verizon reps comment that they want to help us. If one dies, it's usually a negative rant against us customers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 75D96F

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