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08/26/10 | 8:48AM
Should it take 3 hours to download an 8mb file?

In most cases no... If you use Verizon in oh so lovely Thousand Oaks, California.... Yes...

I have been trying to download a relatively small file by today's standards... I started trying to download it at 11pm... it is now almost 2am... and the furthest I have been able to get the file downloaded before my connection drops was 32% and then I have to start all over again.

I haven't tried calling Verizon... because last time I called them I had to end up replacing over $100 worth of hardware for them to even think of trying to find out what the problem was... which turned out to be a bad server... which was throttling connections... and had nothing to do with my just newly replaced: modem, router, access points, cables, phone jacks, wires in the walls....

Maybe this so far week long connection problem will subside when they actually perform maintainance on their servers once every other blue moon.
Or maybe they will just continue to sit on their piles of ill gotten money smacking themselves in the head with bricks...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9740FA

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09/08/10 | 16:00PM
change your ISP and sue them for your bills, they won't improve

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 55A673

01/10/11 | 0:14AM
You MUST be on DSL (Damn Slow Speed in verizon speak)Guy or girl, DSL sucks. Slower than cable. DSL is only good if you are close to their central office. And pretty good if you live next door to it. Switch to cable broadband. I know, i'm a verizon tech and I don't have DSL

Former Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: 241BB1

03/07/19 | 20:55PM

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EstelleUphob - Verizon H8er ID: A70045

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