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08/27/10 | 4:19AM
Screwing Palm Customers

Verizon released a version of the Palm Pre called the Palm Pre Plus. Unfortunately, they completely neutered the GPS. They worked it out that the GPS will NOT work unless it's first unlocked by launching Verizon Navigator. VZ Nav is a navigation app that costs $10 per month. You don't have to PAY to unlock the GPS, but you do have to launch the nav program before there's any chance the GPS will work ... and even then it's questionable whether it will. This is confirmed because the GPS function works just fine on the AT&T and Sprint versions of the phone.

Additionally, Verizon for some reason is holding the latest update to the phone. WebOS version 1.45 has been available in Europe for more than a month and on Sprint for more than a week. AT&T is reportedly getting it in a week or so. Verizon's reps are saying they don't know when/if it will be released to its customers. Note the "when/if" portion of that statement.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2D900F

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02/25/19 | 15:07PM

AbameRom - Verizon H8er ID: 096BCE

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