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02/21/13 | 23:22PM
Worst Customer Service I have ever Encountered

Wow, Verizon never ceases to amaze me! I could go on in minute detail but basically I am sharing a plan and not an authorized user, so when the auto pay function was shut off because of a problem with the bank, they decide the best thing to do is call 4x a day every single day from 5 different numbers located in every US city to remind you to pay, when you aren't even responsible since you're not "authorized", can't even authorize myself when the other person lives 4 states away. They will harass you for every single penny unpaid. Then, I go to the actual store and the manager stands in front if me and denies she can even begin to help me since I'm not an authorized user! Wow- I have never been treated so horribly. Never in the entire time I've had a cellphone with T mobile did I have a person so unwilling and uninterested in helping you solve your phone issues. This company is a piece of **** and I hope they get the punishment they deserve for treating me like a criminal for using their phone services. That is all!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B76756

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