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08/30/10 | 16:46PM
On a SUCKING Scale From 1 to 10, Verizon is OFF THE CHARTS!!!

Whenever I phone Verizon's Customer (Dis)Service about a problem concerning my bill or a question about my service that could result in Verizon receiving money from me, a native English speaker located in the U.S. takes my call. But when I phone Customer Service with a problem that involves the company actually doing something for me, my call is directed to an unintelligible moron with a bad phone connection reading like a mindless robot from a poorly-written script inside a cave on a desert island off the coast of Hell.

Verizon charges too much for everything and their service SUCKS BEYOND SUCKING. In fact, sucking is the only thing Verizon does well. So, when you pay your inflated bill containing charges for calls you didn't make, services you don't want but can't get rid of, and no credit for your last payment, even though they cashed your check and/or received the amount due via their website and you have a confirmation number to prove it, know that you are getting the best sucking that money can buy. When it comes to sucking, Verizon is unsurpassed. They are the undefeated Olympic Gold Medal, World Class SUCK-A-THON CHAMPIONS!!!

And when your high-speed DSL stops working and/or reverts to dial-up speed (on a nearly weekly basis), their answer to every problem is for the customer to turn off his/her modem. In every, single case and instance when a Verizon rep has told me that the problem is on my end, it has NEVER been the case. It's ALWAYS their SUCKY SERVICE -- ALWAYS.

On Hold Again - Verizon H8er ID: 1D5B46

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