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09/03/10 | 3:04AM
Do not take their word for it!!!

I have dsl with them for 6 years. One day, I decided to transfer my dsl bill into my dad's phone bill so that we would get one bill instead of 2 bills every month. The saleswoman said I could do that without problems and introduced me to a promotional offer called the Verizon Double Play Freedom Essentials which includes 3MB dsl and phone with unlimited long distance within US, $150 prepaid Visa, and free wireless router for $69.99/month. I was paying $29.99 for dsl and my dad was paying ~$45.00 for phone. It sounded like a good deal since it would save me several bucks and we would have unlimited long distance within US. I asked her more than once to make sure that I would not get any shipping and activation fees since I am already a dsl customer. She said yes and agreed to send me a confirmation email detailing the offer. After I agree to the offer, she deactivated my original dsl line. She said it was the only way to put me into this promotional offer. She then called me back and said the promotional offer was for $100 not $150. I agreed to this. I received the confirmation email from her. However, her email did not include the free modem, the $100 prepaid Visa card, or the shipping and activation fees waiver. I replied back to her detailing the promises that she made over the phone and asked her to reply back to me with more detail. But her response was “And I did try to send you an email a little while ago but it bounced back- What other inforamtion did you want in the email.. I am sorry. It is extremely busy, I am trying to do this inbetween calls.” How could it bounce back if she hit reply?
I sent her an email asking how long the agreement is for and she replied back. It was a 1 year agreement. If she had told me that earlier, I would not have agreed to this.
That was the last email I got from her. She did not reply back with the detailed information about the promotion that I asked for. She read my emails and completely ignored me.

When I got my first bill, I was charged for shipping and activation fees and router. I called their customer service to explain the situation. The customer service person told me that I would be credited for the router in the next bill since it was part of the promotional offer. I also asked for the shipping/activation credit but she kept on saying that it’s a standard fee. She kept saying that numerous times no matter how many times I said the salesperson promised me that I would not be charged. I even asked her to go listen to the recordings on that day. Finally, I asked to speak with her supervisor and I was on hold for half an hour. I had to explain my situation again to the supervisor who was very impolite. She was able to give me back the credit for the shipping/activation fees.

It has been 3 months now. I got the Visa card but did not get the credit for the router which I am not using since I have been getting connection droppings every 15 minutes with this new router. That’s another story (dsl connections dropping every 15 minutes for the first 2 months). If they say the connection droppings is not due their end of it, do not believe them. Have them reset the ip address on their end. After 2 months of internet research for solutions and talking to techs, I found this out from a Verizon guy who works in a mall promoting FIOS. Now I am afraid the problem would come back if I plug in their modem/router.

I sent them another email asking for the credit. They replied back saying the router was not free.
How dare they say that! First, they promised me with gifts and offers. After I agreed to it, they denied everything. Now I know why the saleswoman won’t email me with the details of the offer, because then I would have proof.

I sent them another email today. If they don’t give me back the credit, I will contact BBB and I will keep sending that saleswoman emails for making false promises.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4EF1B1

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