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08/18/06 | 0:18AM
Verizon is a Nightmare!

Verizon customer service sucks, it is a living nightmare! We signed up on a 14 day promtion to try two phones and service from Verizon. If we decided to not keep it, we would be credited 100% except for the per day phone usage charges.

We tried it, but we got poor quality service. First attempt to turn them in the salesman performed an "upgrade" and said try them for a couple more days. We did but the service did not improve. On day 9 we took them back, have a receipt and have recevied credit for the phones themselves $106.99 on our credit card.

However, we are still being billed for phone service plus setup charges. Third month of billing and we now owe $650.00 We have received threatening letters and calls that we will be turned over for collection.

Everyone we have talked to has been unresponsive and we have acheived nothing. Finally last Monday eveing I spoke with a fellow that I thought was sincere and was going to be able to help. He called the Verizon dealer that we dealt with who confirmed that we had indeed turned them in and then I faxed to him a copy of our receipt where whe had returned the phones. Verizon was not able to directly send him any paperwork. He promised to call me on 8-16-6 to let me know that the bills were taken care of and we would receive a final bill for 9 days usage.

Did he call? No. Is it resolved? No. All though I had the full name of the customer service fellow that seemed to care, no one knows what state he is in, so I couldn't talk to him tonight. However, they could send him an email. The gal I spoke to tonight would not even attempt to help me. She was sorry I had a bad experience. She stated that it does take three months to clear up problems. It has been three months, it will soon be four!

When will my Nightmare with Verizon end? What are my options? I am frustrated. I hate Verizon. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from Cingular.

- Verizon H8er ID: AF4B1B

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08/30/10 | 17:47PM
They will scam you anyway they can. My husband left for a year long deployment and they said they would suspend his service at no charge as long as they got a copy of his orders. We did that and when he got back they wanted just over 800 dollars to turn his service back on. We refused to pay that and they threatened to turn us over to a collection agency as well. After months of fighting them they let us break our contract for 200 a line. We did so and went to boost mobile. No contract and great service!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1A9456

06/03/11 | 8:36AM
Good advertisement for Boost Mobile. Is it still good?

Dawn Jones - Verizon H8er ID: E64F27

06/03/11 | 8:46AM
Wow this is very similar to my story. i feel for you. We must band together for justice!
but I did not talk to anyone to buy, I bought from DELL online and through the setup and wording I was led to believe by all of the wording that there would be no charges period for phones returned during the trial. Even worse, 2 different customer reps actually told me I would not be charged anything. But Verizon kept piling on charges up to $1,500 and no matter how much a talk to them about it now they are determined to gouge some money out of me for it. Poor service was so bad that I couldn't even talk to a customer service rep with the new cells, had to hang up and call them back on the land line, is just unbelievable that the company would insist on charging for such a lousy experience!

Dawn Jones - Verizon H8er ID: E64F27

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