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09/16/10 | 23:02PM
30 - Minutes of Runaround and Accomplished NOTHING!

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You are now chatting with 'Yasmine'
you: Pete
Yasmine: Hello, Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I have your 10-digit mobile number area code first and your name as it appears on the account please?
you: I just removed myself from the account and went with t-mobile. But I am still the head of household and need to change our plan--my family is still with verizon.
you: My number with you was 363-243-1234.
you: My name is Pete Smith.
Yasmine: Ok, is your name still on the account?
you: Don't know. I removed my line and number.
Yasmine: Ok, I will be happy to assist you with this.
Yasmine: Could I please have the 10 digit number to an active number on the account?
you: 363-243-1235 - my wife, Tara Smith
you: Our goal is to drop the monthly bill as low as possible.
Yasmine: No problem. Give me one second to access your account.
Yasmine: For security purposes, will you please verify your billing password?
you: 3243
you: or Leper
Yasmine: I apologize sir, I can only take one at a time.
Yasmine: Would you like to guess?
you: I just used 3243to sign into myverizon. Would that be the number? I guess you'll have to try one at a time.
Yasmine: Great@
Yasmine: !
Yasmine: Thanks for that information.
Yasmine: Give me one second to analyze your account.
Yasmine: Ok, after reviewing your usage, I recommend that you stay with your current plan.
Yasmine: The plan that is a step down from your plan only has 700 minutes.
you: How many minutes a month have the three numbers other than mine been using?
Yasmine: After taking a second look at your account the 700 plan will be ok for the 3 lines.
you: How many minutes a month have the three numbers other than mine been using?
Yasmine: They are averaging 645 minutes over the past three months.
Yasmine: This is including there friends and family minutes.
you: Ok. Let's go with that. But we don't pay for friends and family time, do we?
you: I really need the smallest payment possible--out of work.
Yasmine: No sir, however the friends and family feature is not included in the 700 minute plan.
Yasmine: This plan I am referring to is the Nationwide Family Share Talk plan with 700 shared minutes for $69.99 a month for the first two lines and $9.99 a month for each additional line. This plan comes with Unlimited Nights and Weekends, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling and No Roaming or Long Distance charges. How does this sound?
you: Oh. So what would the total monthly bill be with the 700 minute plan?
you: So that is the least expensive option?
Yasmine: Right now it would be around 90.00 dollars . This is without tax or any extra features you may have.
Yasmine: This also includes 9.99 for your line because it has been only suspended and not completely canceled.
you: Wow. It needs to be completely canceled immediately! Please.
Yasmine: Unfortunately sir, I am not authorized to cancel this line for you. I recommend you contact customer service for further assistance with this. They can be contacted at 800-922-0204.
you: This is one reason why I'm leaving verizon with all lines as soon as possible. This is all a pain. So can we quickly finish here--please drop me to the 700 minute plan. I need to go in a second. Thank you.
you: I shouldn't have to go to an entirely different customer service number to simply cancel a number.
Yasmine: I do understand your frustration sir. However I am only authorized to deal with call plan changes and online login and registration. I can go ahead and walk you through the plan change and then you can call in to cancel the line.
you: let's do it asap. thank you
Yasmine: Please click on the Change Calling Plan link underneath the Account Actions box on the right of your screen.
Yasmine: You may see a screen describing our Nationwide calling plans. Please click continue from this screen
Yasmine: Next, select "Change Family Plan" and click continue.
you: where would i see this screen?
you: in myverizon account?
Yasmine: Correct. Are you currently logged in?
you: yes
Yasmine: Ok, do you see the link I am referring to?
you: i see a link that says "change price plan" is that it
Yasmine: Yes sir, this is it.
you: when i click on the link that says "change selected plan" nothing happens--the link doesn't work. that's why i ended up on this chat
you: when i hover over a question mark it tells me i can't change the plan online but have to call the number you gave me earlier. so i just wasted 30 minutes in this process. plz tell your customer service people this is another reason why i'm changing wireless services.
Yasmine: No problem sir, I can make this change for you.
Yasmine: Give me one second to make this change.
you: why didn't you do it in the first place?
Yasmine: I was going to walk you through the process sir. I apologize, I didn't know about the web site not allowing you to make the change.
you: ok. i understand. can we make the change quickly now?
Yasmine: Unfortunately Pete, because your disconnect is future dated the system the system will not allow me to make the plan change. The plan change can not be made until 10/4010 when your line is set to be cancelled.
you: typical. have a good day. your company policies just wasted 30 minutes of my time to accomplish NOTHING. amazing.
Yasmine: I do understand your frustration. I apologize for the complications. Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
you: Nope. take care.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6834F2

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09/24/10 | 13:09PM
You are an idiot. If something is future-dated and you cannot make changes due to it being future date, then cancel the future-dated issue, make the change and then setup the future-dated issue up again. If you had called customer service in the first place, then you could have that resolved in less than 10 minutes. You completely wasted Yasmine's time.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A4758F

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