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09/19/10 | 4:40AM
Alec Browning

I was a T-Mobile customer for 5 years since 2005, I was fed up with them by the end of 2009, since they exchanged my Blackberry curve 8520 Fuchsia for 3 times in 3 months, yet It did not work, that was the reason, then I decided to switch to Verizon, since I was well acquainted by the frustration of both AT &T and Sprint users , from bad service and connection, to unprofessional customer service, and daylight robbery of their outrageous bills. I decided to switch to Verizon, their misleading adds, and the bunch of liars who are working for them, played a big role in making that unwise decision . I was offered the LG EnV Touch, the sales associate made it look like the best phone on the face of the earth during the course of the history, he had one (whether fake or true, no one can tell), advised to get one, with the rebates, it would cost me $99.00, good deal, yet I had to pay $110.00 (with taxes), to get $100.00 back (another big lie). After 3 months, the problems began, it started to turn off by itself, sometime in the middle of texting or talking to someone else, another times, it would not even turn on. After, back and forth to the store, they started making up stories, that I dropped it in the water, even one of then started pointing at some (rust!!!) underneath the battery, which turned up to be a permanent mark on the battery, which was really embarrassing form him (I have not seen that guy anymore) . The most outrageous part was that I paid for the insurance, yet they stated that they would replace it with a refurbished one!!! Finally after another 3 exchanged phones, they offered me an LG EnV 3, for FREE !!!, again after I paid $100.00, and got the rebate back after 6 weeks. That was back in June of 2010, know the EnV 3, has the same problem, I replaced the battery with a new one that I got from an LG dealer, a message came back stating use genuine battery, a count down from 10 to Zero started and the phone shut down, the sales person , refunded me my money. I bought another genuine one for $49+tax, after only 3 weeks, my phone is acting wired. Searching the web, it is a common and known problem yet no solution is found yet. I spoke to another user at the store, he stated that the Samsung phone that he bought, has the same problems. Bottom line, all the Wireless Companies are robbing their customers , since there are no laws, regulation or legislations that govern their activities, they can get away with anything. Some of the legislators are busy fighting healthcare, bank regulations and all of them are full of corruption, yet they can't pass a single law that govern the illegal activities of these greedy companies, who make profit of the bold, hard working and hurt lawful American Citizens are paying them by their blood and sweat . Are we going to see these thugs be brought to justice in our life times or they will always get away like the oil, healthcare and insurance companies? will the sun of justice shine on these creeps or they would be able to suck the blood of innocent and law abided Citizens? Thank you and sorry for the long presentation.

Alec Browning - Verizon H8er ID: AAE9A6

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09/24/10 | 13:01PM
Yeah, these companies like Verizon and everyone else make these phones and...uh...well...they don't make the phones. OMG! It's not their fault. It is the fault of the companies that make the phone. I've worked in retail and I think that customers are so smart because they buy a TV from a store and when something goes wrong they complain to company that sold them the TV and say that they should stand behind their product. You need to hold the correct party responsible.

You are so right - Verizon H8er ID: 8C8839

10/03/10 | 17:47PM
Holding the telephone manufacturer responsible, that is nonsense, well, when you buy a NEW phone, from any of them it MEANS a new phone, then when you purchase insurance THEY do NOT tell you that if your phone is BAD you will get a refurbished one!!!
NO customer purchase the equipment from the directly manufacturer, specially cellular phones, working in retail industry does not give anyone the legal experience to judge, so I vote with this user that there should be legislation and regulations protecting the users, so far these companies are bunch of crooks, liars and commiting daylight fruad and highway robbery, like the oil and insurance companies yet, some of them are busy with the private lives of the celebreties, and repealing the healthcare bill etc, etc and no one dares to question these blodd suckers!!!!!

Frank - Verizon H8er ID: AAE9A6

04/18/19 | 1:30AM
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MadisonChugs - Verizon H8er ID: B62EB0

04/18/19 | 14:53PM

Briangat - Verizon H8er ID: 120F52

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