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09/20/10 | 6:49AM
No you don't have insurance

I was on vacation and broke my phone. Fortunately for me I was certain that I had insurance on it because I have been paying for it every month. The man at the counter said that he did not see any insurance on the plan and that I should call the store where I got the phone to see if they remembered me adding insurance to my plan. Sure I'm sure that a sales person remembers a single customer by her telephone voice and name who came in four months ago and bought a phone, but I was desperate and called. The person at the store said that their was a note on my account that said I declined the insurance. I insisted that I have been paying the bill monthly and that there was a mistake. I told him the description of the person who sold me the phone and the insurance and he said that no one worked there who matched that description, futhermore he told me that the person who sold me the phone was a man and I was insisting that she was a woman. I completely lost my mind for several minutes in the store while I was on the phone. The manager of the store in the vacation city took pity on me and offered to sell me a phone for the upgrade price even though I wasn't eligible forr the upgrade if I bought three accessories. Geez thanks for the favor asshole. Cost me $250 to get set up with the minimum features that I need on the phone. I hate them hate them hate them. I asked to speak to the manager of my home store and was put on hold until I gave up. When I got home from vacation I checked my bills and saw that I indeed had been paying the insurance rate. I called the store again and they insist that I never paid it or signed up for it. Don't know how long it will take for me to get squared with them but I'm gonna stick it in them hard like they did to me.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1BE7C9

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09/22/10 | 5:57AM
Check your bill. I bet you were not paying for insurance. it's your responsibility to be vigilant of your bill.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0CD8E2

09/24/10 | 12:49PM
Maybe you are paying for insurance on another phone. Just because you're paying for it on one line does not mean that all the lines on the account are covered. You probably use to pay for insurance on that line, but when you upgraded, you declined insurance because you had never had to use it before. You stick it to them hard for your own mistake. It is your responsibility to make sure your features are correct. You are a big baby. I hope you do not have kids because you cannot be an example of a responsible adult.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A8EF8D

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