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09/20/10 | 21:55PM
Verizon Nightmare

I used to be a Verizon customer. Luckily after I moved, I no longer am. No longer locked into Verizon being the only provider in the area.

I used Verizon DSL from about 2002-2007. Constant outage. Every other week, I would have 2-3 days of outages.. AND I WORK ONLINE! After multiple calls to Verizon, they said they would send techs to check out what the problem is. Time and time again, they tell me that the problems have been fixed, but guess what? Until the very day I moved, I still get outages. I was supposed to get credit back for all the days that the service was disrupted, but honestly, I lose track of when it happens because it happens SO OFTEN.

After I moved, I immediately switched over Time Warner Road Runner. Never had a problem since. What's more? I was paying "$29.95" for Verizon DSL for 7 MBps, sure.. "29.95" WITH about $15 worth of bullshit fees. Now with RR, I'm paying $35 (incl fees) for 12 MBps, almost twice the speed for 75% of the cost.

I'm still on the Verizon landline and month after month, I get raped by the $7 inside wire maint. fee, all sorts of other fees and taxes. I use my landline about 1-2 hours a month. Please tell me how they are charging $40/month for the service. That's just outrageous. Switching phone company too very soon

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A4ED28

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03/21/19 | 17:03PM
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lolitaph1 - Verizon H8er ID: 7AD2CF

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