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09/24/10 | 18:06PM
Recommend switching back within 30 days

A Verizon sales guy came by my office and offered a one year contract for $89.99 for 2 phones and FIOS internet. I was told that with tax it will come to about $115 or so. He said that they are even working on canceling the contract system as a policy.
Well, I switched. And, then I started getting "Thank you" letters from them stating things at odds with my understanding. (1) Turns out the fellow signed me up for 3 years, with lots of penalties for early cancellation (lie #1). (2) When I called they said there will be some FCC charges etc. and that the bill will come to about $135 /mo (lie #2). (3) They said after 1st year, the bill will go up addtional $59/mo plus fees and taxes (lie #3, because I was supposed to be able to change after first year if I wanted). (4) When I called,they said if I want I can go to a month-by-month plan right now, which will come to about $140 or so plus fees and taxes (my advice add another 1/3rd for fees and taxes). (5) It was supposed to be all domestic local and long distance free. When I called they said, main line is free unlimited, but fax line is per call. I said ok. But, then I received another mail "thanking me" and said long distance is $0.12 per minute and there will a minimum billing of $30/month (lie #4, not unlimited). (6) They don't give or maintain a record of all phone calls (great inconvenience for me).

And, all this I was doing great with my cable company with $135 all included (no addl fees and taxes), 2 lines both unlimited, unlimited internet WITH boost, all phone records available for download, and, sweetest of all, no bogus thank you letters.

Luckily I followed up and found out all this within 1-2 weeks after installation. Also, found out that I can cancel within 30 days without any penalties.

Totally unscrupulous company. At the time of signing, the sales man initiated some small chit chat to create a friendly atmosphere. At the time he told him that he joined about 2 years ago, that they are paying more than $100K, reimbursed him for his MBA, and a whole bunch of benefits. I was amazed. Now, I know how this company is paying itself (its employees) so fabulously at the expense of customers and stock holders.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0A5712

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