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09/26/10 | 6:49AM
Does it ever end?

So, I had Verizon internet+tv for a couple of years. Always paid on time and all of that. I got deployed and entrusted my roommate with the bill: mistake. The guy didn't pay and I ended up paying a few months of it in a big chunk late. When I returned, I closed the account and returned the box to a Verizon store. So at this point everything is good to go and all paid; I don't owe anything.

A few months later I receive a notice from a collections agency calling for around $500. After spending hours in phone hell, the "debt" is for unreturned equipment (the box). I called up the store that I returned it to (I'm on the other side of the country now) and they confirmed that they had a record of the box being returned by me. They ended mailing this receipt to me which I then had to fax to Verizon HQ. Don't get me started on how silly that little transaction was. I called up the folks that gave me the fax number and they confirmed that it was received. A week later I called everyone; collections, billing, unreturned equipment, everyone. They all said that I was good to go. I even called up the collections agency and they confirmed that Verizon had bought back the debt so they were satisfied. It was finally over.

Today (6 months later), I received a letter from another collections agency on behalf of Verizon. It says I owe that same $500 amount again.

I am so full rage and hatred that I can't even describe it. I could just pay these fuckers, but this is a matter of principle. This time around I'm demanding a signed apology letter...and preferably their first born.

Jon - Verizon H8er ID: 2BA7C5

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04/22/19 | 23:35PM
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julietsk4 - Verizon H8er ID: 5AC808

05/06/19 | 17:29PM
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ArnoldHop - Verizon H8er ID: B42A37

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